Making your children better at a stress management

Though the older generations still find it hard to wrap their head around, there is now a general understanding that stress knows no age. Some factors affect children, and because it doesn’t necessarily manifest in the same way as adults, it becomes easy to overlook the effect it has on them. A child witnessing an argument between their parents, the family being unable to afford luxuries that other children have and different difficult situations are stressful for young ones, especially if they don’t understand what’s going on.

Parents should, therefore, be mindful of how things that go on their life affect their children too. Consider a personal injury lawyer Vancouver starting their firm in Ontario. The move will be stressful, and if a child doesn’t have the necessary tools, they will carry these and other subsequent emotionally adverse events with them into adulthood. How then can parents provide appropriate tools for their children to handle stress?

Develop a bond

There is a security that a child has when they know they can ask their parents anything. Therefore, aim to connect with your kids and create a safe space for them where they know they have someone to rely on. Loneliness is now an epidemic and is claiming lives globally. When a child has no one to turn to, they feel neglected, and they carry the same attitude with them into adulthood where they feel alone despite being surrounded by people. Developing a bond shows your children that there’s a healthier alternative to stress; talking it out instead of isolating themselves.

That means that as a parent, you ought to be purposeful about carving time out to spend with your children. There is no right way of going about this. You can pick the activities that you like and do them together. For one family going for a job in the woods is a pass time. For another, board games or playing tag in the backyard suffices. Having family meetings is another good way to check in with the kids. Life can get hectic, and we forget to ask how our kids are doing. These meetings will help do that and address issues that might exist.

Become their mirror

We might tell our children what to do. However, it is our behavior they’ll mimic. Therefore, as a parent, you ought to have a stress management practice in place. That means taking time off to read on and adopt practices that aid in stress management. Be it journaling, yoga, exercise or eating healthy, as a parent, how you children end up depends on what to do.

This is the “price” we pay as parents to set our kids up to be better adults. If you’re not handling your stress better, your emotions regularly fly off the handle, and you use unhealthy ways to cope, your children will adopt the same behaviors, especially if they have a similar temperament. Take care of yourself, and the kids will earn to do the same for themselves in the future.

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Comment by The Saltbox on December 19, 2018 at 10:06pm

Great post :)

We wrote about teaching children about kindness here:

We would love to feature you on our blog!


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