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Are you wondering

"What the heck is she talking about?"

I have to admit, for the past couple of years I've led a double life, okay, not really but doesn't it sound intriguing?

I receive a handful of questions via email or message in regards to homeschooling, Autism, IEP's, public school vs private school, parenting, you get the picture. Since beginning our homeschool journey I have placed myself on many communities ie The Homeschool Lounge as time when on I ventured to Bloggy Moms and a few others. 

I did this to A. Connect with others for support and B. Begin laying my book publication foundation. 

Last week one of my dear friends asked

"Why don't you post your advice in response to those questions?"

I guess I never really thought about, Dear Abby had to start some where I guess. 

"You are like Carrie Bradshaw but less sex and well city, how about Sass in the Suburbs."

HA! Love it!

My creative began spiraling so we are going to start today, more of a test. My fabulous bloggy peeps and can drop some knowledge on whomever is seeking advice as well. Every Tuesday I will present the question, so let's start with my most recent inquiry.
Q. I decided to start homeschooling my 7 year old daughter but the school she was attending is giving me a hard time about releasing her records. I filled out the proper paperwork but it has been over a month now and at first they blamed it on the new year but it is almost February. What can I do? 


A. I had the same run around with the public school that Logan had attended. Each time I would phone them they were rude and short with me. They were taking it personal that I was choosing to homeschool my child. The route I went was going through an umbrella school. Since homeschooling was so new to me I felt more protected that way. Once I gave the school the release forms they felt the need to drag their feet. The umbrella school administrator also began contacting the public school to find out what the hold up was. After a few fun legal terms to the school they did release the information. 

The bottom line is this, once you complete the necessary paperwork they can not hold your child's records hostage. Whether you are going through an umbrella school or through the district they have to turn over the records. 

Every school is different, I know people who never had an issue and in fact encouraged their decision to homeschool but there will always be a few out there who want to make it difficult. Be persistent and depending on what state you reside in, know your homeschooling rights. The most informative site is HSLDA which will show you everything from legislation to laws. Also, there are a plethora of online sites to guide you, such as The Homeschool Lounge where you can connect with those in your state (one of my favorite sites).

Some school districts have been known to bully homeschool families, I actually know of one in Florida and what they were doing was against the law. Always remember you have rights and if you are following the appropriate protocol then they can not harass you and not release her records. 

Once I quoted the laws to the school office magically the information was sent to the umbrella school. You don't need to do it in a nasty way, just firm and confident. You are doing what is best for your family, it is your decision, not theirs. 

Alright my homeschool peeps, has this happened to you? 

If you have a question you would like some advice on drop me an email 


message me on facebook or look me up on my various communities which are listed on the side of my blog. 

And don't worry, if you want to remain anonymous I am totally down with that. I will only put those up who give me permission. 

Have the Best Day Ever!
~ Logan

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