Managing Mommy Time with a Family Planner Calendar

Being a mom can be a handful sometimes, especially when you have a cheeky monkey to take care of, plus real life can get in the way too. It can feel like you are juggling too many balls at once and struggle to find time to fit in all routine tasks such as food shopping, cleaning and school meetings.

Sure, a personal phone planner tucked away in your bag for your eyes only is a simple and secure way to organise your week, however, the Photo Calendar Creator allows you to produce exciting family planners to hang on your wall so that the whole family can get involved and stay on track. There’s no need to feel bogged down with finding family time or a moment of peace and quiet: This free and easy to use calendar creation software is here to help you take control.

For families who want to stay completely on track, creating a personalised planner for several members is a perfect way to stay up to date. This is a wonderful way to get the kids involved and teach them how to stay organised - you’ll no longer need to remind them to finish their maths homework!

Instead of becoming overwhelmed and forgetting Poppy’s piano lesson every other week, you can create weekly or monthly planners to stay up to date with recurring events such as: 

  • Club meetings
  • Music lessons
  • Doctor appointments
  • Planning for birthdays
  • Hosting a surprise anniversary party for your parents

Creating a fun and exciting family planner has never been easier: 

Step 1. Download Photo Calendar Creator

Head over to the Photo Calendar Creator website and install the free and easy to use software. Once you have installed the program, run it to open the program and begin creating planners. 

Step 2. Select a Calendar Type

There are plenty of calendars to choose from, including weekly, monthly and even a calendar for the whole year. For example, you could select a monthly planner from the available templates, then decide how many columns to add. There are many features to take, including the ability to add recurring events to the calendar, such as birthdays and anniversaries, which are clearly numbered on the planner. 

Step 3. Personalize

Forget buying boring, plain calendars: get ready to add personal pictures to your planner, then decorate using hundreds of different, unique and fun designs to help your calendar stand out from the rest. 

Within the Calendar Design Wizard, you can add photos of your family members, and different pictures for each month. You can also change the properties of the calendar including the background image, starting year and date, whilst also being able to change various text properties such as captions. 

Step 4. Add Events and Family Occasions

Got 4 birthdays coming up next month? Type it and any other events  into the calendar - there’s no excuse to forget about Billy’s football practice next week now!

You can even add national holidays to the calendar by clicking the option Customize Holidays, then selecting the appropriate celebrations for your country. This applies to family group celebrations, which you can add to the calendar by creating a New Group: This is perfect for adding birthdays!

Step 5. Print Your Planner

After adding all of your upcoming events and family occasions, simply print out your finished masterpiece and hang it up for the rest of their family to admire. Your loved ones will be updating the calendar in no time, and soon your schedules will all be organized and stress free. 

Following these simple steps will have you sighing with relief in no time; you will wonder why you didn’t use these calendars before. Rushing to get ready for a family trip to the cinema after fitting in the weekly food shop will soon seem like a terrible dream: Your personalized family planner has got your back and is here to help you stay organized and manage mommy and family time! 

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