Early Good morning to all my Diva Ladies out there in the blog-a-sphere! It has been a few good weeks since I have been able to blog. Managing between two active children, fiance, and business I can say I have been overbooked. Today I finally had time to spare and decided to finish my homemade lotions of course I had to rock Niomae to sleep as I tried to design labels that would go well with the 8oz bottles that I choose.

Niomae says Good Morning to all my Diva's.....She is four months and the most active a baby can ever be, and my toddler is four years old and she also... I can say is two hand-fulls instead of one. I was able to get her to sleep after taking care of her teething pain, which can be extremely be painful for infants. I was then able to continue on in my work.... I managed to design and print my labels as well as my business cards. Tomorrow it will be my product catalog.... which I am going with a Christmas theme given that my boutique website will launch in late November. 


As a business woman I dedicate myself to helping other mothers just like me to accomplish there goals and reach personal success. When I started to design both my blog and boutique website I did not know absolutely nothing about graphic or design..but, I began to research and study different resources and software, which is easy to download and use in any home laptop or PC. My favorite and rated number one in designing and editing images is Picasa 3, this particular software I use religiously in my designs it is easy, hands-on & self explanatory. You simple download the software free and import your images, there you can edit, collage or even make a slideshow. I can say all my labels were homemade using Picasa 3... it will save you money, time, and a lot of headaches.... you do not have to deal with graphic designer's, photographers, or any other individuals' that may slow the process between you and blog or business. 

Well it is getting morning I will begin my design efforts on my product catalog GB Ladies...!

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Comment by Gisselle Wilson on November 18, 2012 at 9:08pm

Sure feel free to contact me at anytime...:-)

Comment by Ashley Oakley on November 18, 2012 at 7:13pm

I may not know you but you come off as a very intelligent person. Im definately going to take your advice, and if you dont mind pick your brain if I need a little help in a certain area. you seem to have it together as a mother, and a business person. :)

Comment by Gisselle Wilson on November 18, 2012 at 7:08pm

Ashley that is the best thing you can do... grow your network through each free channel available to you.... I would also make sure to establish a good business presence online given you may not have the advantages of a brick & mortar store or office location... you can establish a credible business by way of online social networks and profiles...:-)

Comment by Ashley Oakley on November 18, 2012 at 3:41pm

thank you so much. Im glad to know there are people in the same position as me accomplishing what they want to do. I already have a few social networks of my own so maybe ill look into a few more. thanks again for your help :)

Comment by Gisselle Wilson on November 18, 2012 at 3:14pm
Thank you so much Ashley I was were you are now...believe it. I was pregnant about three months into when I said to myself "I want to open up my own business" I then put this goal straight into motion... I was on unemployment and in school for my BA. I started by opening up online profiles...google+ Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Manta, Youtube, and I think I named them all. I am sharing this with you to help you in your efforts...I am happy to give any needed support! Please feel free to contact me... and best wishes!
Comment by Ashley Oakley on November 18, 2012 at 12:07pm

you're awesome. I have to tell you I hope I'm as good of a multitasker as you. I'm expecting my 2nd baby in April and I have a very energetic 3 1/2 year old. Reading blog posts like this makes me know I can have my family and do everything I need to and also start my at home career/business and still keep my sanity. Its just about prioritizing and you have proved that. Congratulations on your beautiful children and your growing business. :) 

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