Mandura Trim in Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Phillippines,Australia? (The Mandura Juice Lady)

Mandura is working to make expansion oversees very soon. Where will Mandura go first? Mandura Singapore? Mandura Malaysia? Mandura Indonesia? Mandura Australia? Mandura Phillippines? If you are a Mandura IBO what does this mean? If you are a Mandura IBO and Mandura expands abroad it means that Mandura IBO's will be able to access bigger profit pools. If you are thinking about becoming a Mandura IBO what does this mean? If you are interested in becoming a Mandura IBO and distributing Mandura Juice and Mandura Trim it means that if you start your Mandura before Mandura goes abroad you will benefit from the expansion through the bonus pools as well. So start your Mandura business today and become a Mandura IBO.

Mandura's CEO Casey Yarbrough has a well planned strategy for expanding Mandura abroad so that Mandura Juice and Mandura Trim can be sold. And Mandura IBO's can start businesses internationally. The quality of Mandura's products are going to sell very well oversees and that is going to have the profits that all Mandura IBO's share go up dramatically.

Tara W. (The Mandura Juice Lady)

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