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Divine Theme

Why is it that Monday’s are alway so degrading. Even when one doesn’t havent to be up for work or an appointment. Monday Blues for sure, or as I like to call them, Manic Monday’s. I don’t know all you. Mom’s out there yet, as I am new here...but can anyone, I’m sure someone can, relate to their child being in early intervention for a therapy? My son logan is 2 1/2. He has been in EI since 18 months old getting therapy for OT and Speech. The OT therapy has done wonders, as the speech has, but his speech is still struggling and taking so much more time than I was hoping. We are due for our re-evaluation next week & I’m just overwhelmed by it all. Ya see, Logan is a very shy, cautious child who needs encouragement and confidence. I worry about this ‘testing’ because with someone new coming in for this, Logan will be hesitant and stand offish. I know my son, and he won’t show togs woman his true colors and potentials. I guess what I’m asking or trying to say, how do you all get through it? The worries? The anxiety? How to encourage your child? 

Help encourage me!


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