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This week has been my first successful full week of reaching my health goals. I not saying weight goals, because weight and numbers discourages people. All I want to do is get healthy once again. We all want to be our high school weight, because who wouldn't. I was in the best shape in my life and in my prime. Sometimes being skinny like you once were just isn't an obtainable goal. If you work hard to being healthy you will get there eventually.

This week I went to the gym everyday on my lunch and I will be going today. It's nice to get a nice workout on my lunch. I feel so much better afterwards. I'm more awake, sweaty, but awake. I have a friend at work Kate, that is going to the gym with me. So, that helps when I'm hitting the gym to have someone else sweating and enduring the pain with me. Plus, we motivate and laugh at eachother. I've also, been going to yoga twice a week. You might not think it's a workout, but man you can feel the burn.

I'm going to tell you about my milestones at the gym and yoga, no numbers.

For Example: Last night I almost did a hand stand with my elbows on the ground, I fell, but I almost did it. I will let you know stuff like that.

Also, I'm skipping the coffee and trading it in for a protein or superfood shake. I'm eating fiber toast for breaky and a shake for dinner, or a salad.

Cheers to Health!

Want to join my health regime. We can share our stories, recipes and milestones together. Link up.

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