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So we went out and bought the me a new pool to enjoy my summer in, because the week before the i had to swim in my baby bath…

Anyway Mommy set it up for me and i really seemed to enjoy it, nana and granddad came over to see me and how i used my new sitting skills whilst
i played, i almost gave them a heart attack when i dove head first
towards the water, then bounced back up like i had been doing the whole
"swimming underwater ” thing for ages. A little while later granny and
grandpa and noona and goompa arrived and saw me in my pool too, and they
were very impressed at how nicely i was playing.

On Monday, i also spent some time in my pool as the weather was lovely it was sunny and warm and Aimee and mommy were outside with me, Aimee was running
around chasing the butterflies and mommy was watching me and taking some
photos, most of the time i was just way to busy playing and splashing
to bother smiling for the camera, i mean really i have more interesting
things to explore than to look at the camera! However i was kind enough
to smile for at least one( which seemed to get her off my back and
allowed me to continue playing!)

Well i instructed mom to put up two photos one of me playing in MY pool, and the other is of my BEAUTIFUL toothy grin( if you look carefully you will see the tiny two
front teeth, But look carefully because if you miss those teeth I'll be
SAD ‘cause it took me forever to grow those things!)

There mom are you happy?

Me in my cool pool! YAY!

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