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Mean Girls and Where to Find the Nice Ones!

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What do Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys have in common? They both rocked Vera Wang dresses this past weekend, in two very different ceremonies, as they exchanged their “I Do’s”. While an expecting Alicia married her DJ lover, Chelsea opted for the Wall Street Banker (doing her parents proud we are sure). Both weddings appeared in Google’s “top 10” trend list proving that we are either romantics at heart, or that we are simply happy to see two “nice girls” find love. For Chelsea, we suspect that upholding her “nice girl” image to be exasperating at times (thanks to dear old dad’s screw-ups - pun intended).

If life could be filled with Alicia’s and Chelsea’s, then we wouldn’t have to endure the “mean girl” chat with our own daughters now, would we? We checked in with Butterfly’s resident Psychotherapist,
Julie Potischman, to find out how to best steer our own daughters towards the Alicia’s of the world and here is what she had to say, “
Start teaching your children at an early age (around 3) that if someone is being mean then they simply do not need to play with them and that there are others they can be with who will be kind. Teach your daughters that the best revenge is happiness. Explain to your child that she must show the mean kids that they are NOT affected by them in order to squash the mean kids' spirit and give them a target not worth being unkind to. Studies show that if you disengage with a bully then they will eventually stop. If, of course, the mean child is relentless and it becomes a dangerous or harmful situation, you as a parent must step in and get involved. Encourage your child, praise them, boost their confidence as often as you can so when an unruly child surfaces they will be better protected with inner confidence and self respect to soften the blow.” Lindsay Lohan played the Queen Bee in the movie “Mean Girls” and look where she is now! Jail. We know, be nice, she too is somebody’s daughter - even if the mother acts more like her sister (oh, there we go again). On this troubling topic, or others, click through to speak to Julie directly.

If you’d care to meet a VERY NICE girl - co-founder Terry Starr - and are headed to BlogHer this Friday, then email Terry directly. She’d love the opportunity to meet you! A few more “nice girls” we’d like you to meet within the Butterfly community:

1. Angela Santomero: Featured August “Mom Mentor”, creator of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!, mommy of two adorable little girls. Angela reveals why they named him BLUE here!
2. Michelle Workman: Interior Designer to many LA A-List celebs, mom of two fabulous little boys. Watch her video interview!
3. Lisa Wexler, Host of Live with Lisa!, mom and sister to Jill Zarin who discloses Jill’s REAL personality. Watch Lisa dish here!

Until next week… be nice.

PS. Click through for details on our upcoming, one-of-a-kind auction launching AUGUST 5th with Grammy award-winning artist, Colbie Caillat to benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation!

PPS. We are sending another lucky family to SESAME PLACE! Enter to win four tickets now!


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