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Tell us a few things about yourself.

Not much to say I’m a pretty average guy. Always loved reading and perhaps got that from my dad who read more books than most libraries hold. I’ve always been drawn to stories of adventure on other worlds or in other times because I’ve never felt like I truly fit in this world or at this time. I actually have been writing fiction books for years, have yet to finish one, and the funny thing is that the first story I completed turned out to be nothing like anything else I was working on.

What’s your favorite book?

The Hobbit + Lord of the Rings Trilogy 

Who is your favorite author?

I have several - God, CS Lewis and Stephen King

What inspired you to want to write your book?

For me it was God, but it came in a way that was not anything I ever expected. It was on a random trip to a home where a small dollhouse size door was along the baseboard at the bottom of the stairs.

Tell us a bit about your current writing projects.

About two weeks ago the concept came to me for a sequel to The Christmas Mouse, which again was out of the blue as I never imagined the possibility of a sequel to be honest, so I will hopefully be working on that as soon as I’m supposed to, and I already have a few verses on the chalkboard in my head. Other than that I have several fiction novels in the works, the first of which I hope to finish next year. It’s about my dad who passed almost two years ago, but we’ll see, it seems God might have different plans for what I might write.

Do you have more books in the works? Tell us a bit about them.

I do. Seventeen at the moment. I hope I get enough time to finish some of them.

What can readers expect to get from this book?

I’m hoping they get a touch of that magical feeling that Christmas seems to bring and that through all the insanity of the commercial side of the holiday, that it helps them remember what Christmas truly is.

Any tips for aspiring writers?

Lol I still think of myself as one. This is my first published book and not at all what I thought my first book would be, so if I had to offer anything I have learned to date, it’s that you need to follow what most people would call your instincts and never give up on what you feel led to write, even it takes many years to get it to print.

Any last words?

Just that I hope people really enjoy this one little story in the sea of thousands of new books, and that it adds to their Christmas joy and traditions. Oh and I’d love to hear from readers how they make Mouse a part of their Christmas.

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