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The Subtle Art of Moving During the Holidays

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Okay.  So men are big dumb animals.  I get it, most men get it (but may not admit to it) and I would think 99% of women are thinking about how dumb men are a good part of their day.  However, sometimes being dumb is actually just another way of being simple.  And simple isn't all that bad.  And to take it a step further, simple can sometimes mean more efficient.


For instance, when I clean up, pretty straightforward - shower, maybe shave, pretty much done.

When I look over to the other sink in the bathroom, there are all sorts of bottles and tubes and creams and ointments and I don't even know or want to know what is going on over there.

Like this:

Yoga Balm? Really? This again falls into the WTF category?

What in the world is Yoga and Meditation Balm?  Do you do this after yoga? Before yoga? Am I supposed to rub it on while someone meditates?  Oh, but its organic. At least its not the super toxic yoga and meditation balm that's been the plague of middle and upper class females for the last 5 - 10 years.


And isn't the point of yoga and meditation to get away from the stress of modern day life, even the rampant consumerism of modern day life?  I've got a nice crisp ATM card with $100 on it (come on, no one carries cash) that says not one single person in Nepal is using yoga and meditation balm.


Or this:

Do you use this when you are not doing yoga and meditating?

Orange ginger aromatherapy nourishing body lotion?  When do you use this? When you smell really bad?  Where do you even put it?  How much do you use?  All the label says is "energizing".  Should I use this before soccer?


Like I said, I don't know half of what goes on at the other sink and I'm actually scared to start opening drawers in our bathroom closet.  I think I got lost in there for 45 minutes one day.  Or come to think of it maybe I was hiding from the kids and it was the only safe place.


But at least there aren't any decorative pillows on our bathroom counter.  Every other room has decorative a.k.a. totally useless pillows, so at least the bathroom is free from those.

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