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I live with 2 boys. There is a saying, boys will be boys. This is very true in my life. No matter how hard I try, they will always make our house mess. After cleaning and put everything in proper place, if I let them stay at home for 5 minutes, they will change it’s look totally. Any outsider if visit the house on that moment can never guess these were in condition just 5 minutes ago.


My son looks like his dad. I am so happy for that. I don’t want to hear from my in laws that my sob doesn’t look good that because he has got my face.


Anyway, my husband will say, he is messy because from his childhood he is like that, it’s his habit. But I have trained my son well. From the very childhood, I always make him to put his cloth in right place. He did, but now why he became so messy? For example, I found his socks in every single room of our house, which suppose to be with his shoes. Whenever he comes back from outside, I ask him to put his socks into his shoes. He replied, Yes yes. Then don’t know, what happen, I found him thinking about something or singing any song and walking through the rooms with socks. Then even he doesn’t know where he kept the socks.


Sometimes it’s difficult to understand who can mess the house more, father or the son.


This was just an example; these two boys are doing it with everything. I am tired, I surrender. I can’t make this house better. It will be always like a mess.

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