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What would a geeky mom do with her time off?
I went to Panera Bread this week and worked for 2 hours just to get educated about meta tags.
I know many of my friends here have bought personalized themes and I believe such things come all built in.
I have done everything myself, with help of tutorials, right from the beginning ,hence needed more info.
I was very happy to get my page rank earlier this week because it takes me out of the 'sand box' phenomenon apparently.
At the same time, i looked around for what others had got.
One of my fellow bloggers has page rank 5.She was a person of interest.
Another has page rank 2 but she was also person of interest.

When i ran the Meta Tag Analyzer thing for my blog, i was shocked to see that my title relevance to my content was very low percentage.
After running two meta tags plugins and breaking my head over it, i realized my blog theme, Vina, is all messed up.
It adds the tag line to my title.Once i removed title relevance became 100%.

Both these ladies already had that.

After that i worked on getting description and key words meta tags right.
After number of tries, i am happy to report that both meta tags are 100% relevant to my blog content.It was hard work.

Ok so regarding the blogger with PR 2.... I was interested in her because it is a fairly new blog and she hardly updates.I have come to conclusion that her key word content is fantastic.
Before i used to feel that she writes things like a textbook write up.
If she would mention an author, all the important words that you would see on Wikipedia about the author will be on her post.But now i feel unkowingly she got it right!!
That is my next project to better understand key words.

Other weakness of mine is my social skills.I am not so good about getting into many blogrolls or exchanging buttons etc.I sincerely believe that my friend with PR 5 has done a great job there.

Ofcourse most important is content.I have realized that posting only once a week was probably not best idea to build a better pagerank.I update once or twice a day now since last two weeks.

I hope in couple of months my PR increases more.If it does, I will be the first one to brag about it!!

So the two hours satisfied the geek in me and i am happy as can be!

Repost from my post @The Self Love Project

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