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Miraculous Water: Saline Water

In Mexico, it was discovered that water in the well was considered miraculous as it can cure all types of ailments even AIDS and cancer. People would travel in the old town and wait in line to have a share of this water. It was said that around ten thousand people visit the well every day.

In Turkey, famous thermal water was frequently visited by tourist for its healing powers, and it was even rumored that Cleopatra bathed in this same waters. In India, an abandoned well was also discovered to have magical properties by healing all sorts of sickness, that was never sold for the good intentions that it was for the people to use.

Lastly, in China, there was a rumored well called the "Fountain of Youth" which an old couple drank as they repossessed their thick, black hair and their wrinkle-free skin. But the question is how they were miraculous?

The answer is through science; some water seated deep underground can change in composition and may now compose of different minerals that is why it has a different effect on the body that may cause and explain the water's "healing powers." But not all water from these wells are good for the human body some are considered poisonous and can be fatal when consumed.

In China, it was reported that an estimation of forty to eighty thousand children were exposed to these toxic water and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The water with magical properties and the poisonous water both contained minerals, the difference is there was a higher amount of minerals in the toxic water that caused the poisoning. So what's the relevance of this background to our topic?

Miraculous water in these wells contains the right amount of salt or Sodium and Chloride compounds healthy for the body, that enables reparation faster. In medical term, this is called saline or saline solution. So let's talk about all there is to know about this healing water.

Saline Solution

The discovery of the saline solution in the medical world was because of the blue cholera pandemic in Europe in the year 1831. It was first tested on dogs, and as it showed no adverse side effects, it was allowed to be used in humans. This treatment wasn't well-known until the brink of the World War where doctors were desperate because of the shortage of medical supplies and until now, saline solution is still used globally.

Saline Solution Medical Uses

Because of the fast reparation abilities that are brought by saline solution, the medical field found many uses of Saline solution for the human body. Saline is used to cleaning wounds and is used to treat dehydration. It is also used to dilute medications by injection and help remove contact lens due to dry eyes.

The most common use of saline is IV therapy to intravenously treat patients who are dehydrated and unable to take them by mouth. The amount of saline solution depends mainly on the need of the patients for example when a patient has diarrhea or a heart problem. Saline is also used to treat common cold for nasal washing by softening the mucus inside the nose. This treatment is usually used for babies in Russia who are unable to excrete the fluids on their own.

Types of Saline Solution

Lactated Ringer's solution – This type of saline solution is usually used for patients who have low blood pressure or low blood volume. It can also be used for treating metabolic acidosis and to wash eyes for chemical burns.

Acetated Ringer's solution – This type of saline solution is usually used for hemorrhagic shock and also for metabolic acidosis.

Intravenous sugar solutions – This type of Saline solution is also called a dextrose solution. It is used to treat low blood sugar or treat dehydration without electrolyte loss and also used for hypernatremia and euvolemia.


Saline can be used as a home-remedy by making your own, especially when used for common cold. But for hospital use, it is accessible in any drug store. Some company offers wholesale production retailing while others offer Saline Coupon for discounts.

Saline is listed as World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines as the most effective and safe medicines in the globe. But remember, saline has also its downfalls, especially when abused. Some of its side effects are injection site swelling, redness, infection, and fever. So remember to be cautious when self-treating and it is much better to consult your doctor.

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