Mistakes moms make when choosing a summer camp for their kids

As a mom you may be overwhelmed when you have to choose a camp for your children, because there are numerous options available. But this decision should not be a stressful one, because you are the one who knows your kids the best, and you will definitely make the right choice. The fact is that for many moms summer vacation presents a dilemma, because you want your children to get involved in activities that will help them sharpen their skills. But you also want to make sure that they will have the possibility to enjoy their vacation, because this is the time when they relax. You will have to find a camp that offers them both the opportunity to play, and the education they need to start the new school year strong. It is important to avoid the following mistakes when you decide what summer camp your children will attend.


Allowing your children to stay within their comfort zone

Everyone knows that children resist changes, but some of them may be afraid to try something new, so they need a little push. They are accustomed to hearing your voice before they go to bed, telling their favourite story. They are used to eat the same dishes every morning and they like to spend time in front of their computer. But, they have to get ready, because they will face multiple difficulties in life, and they have to know how to face these changes. Therefore, you should look for a summer camp that will challenge them and that will help them have new experiences.

Ignoring what your kids like to do

If you want your kids to learn, then they have to stay engaged with the content they are presented. But how can you engage them, if they do not like the subject of the camp you have chosen? Well, they will not do something they do not like. To make sure that you decide upon the right camp, you should ask your kids what they would like to do during summer. If they like to learn, then you can enrol them in short camps, and buy them all the books they need in order to learn at home. If they prefer outdoor activities, then you should check which one of the camps has nature programs and take your children there. It is essential the camp to align with your kids’ interests, because in this way they will love to take part in every one of the activities they organise.

Choosing a camp where their friends go

They may be best friends, but this does not mean that they share the same interests and skills. If it would be to ask your children, they would probably tell you that they prefer to go to camping with their bestie, but in this way they will not have the opportunity to expand their social circle. Summer camps are the best opportunity your children have to meet new friends and to learn new things, so you have to make sure that the one you choose will meet your kids’ preferences and not the ones of their friends. Do not deprive them of the possibility to grow.

Types of camps you can choose from

As you already know, the majority of camps are organised according to a theme.

  • Academic camps are perfect for the ones who want to study during their summer vacation. You will find camps that help children learn more about veterinary medicine, IT and even astronomy. You will only have to ask them what they would like to learn and search for it. These camps are specialised in business, archaeology, biology, astronomy, computer, science, chemistry, journalism, foreign languages and many other subjects.
  • Adventure camps – if your kids are looking for outdoor activities, then you should choose an adventure camp. There they will have the possibility to climb trees, rocks, spend time in the forest and even go canoeing. If they want to learn a new sport, then you can opt for a swimming camp, because they will both have fun and improve their swimming skills. During adventure camps children take part to unique expeditions that will help them deal with different situations later in life. When you enrol them to this type of camp you should expect them to get involved into activities as biking, swimming, sailing, backpacking, fishing, rock climbing and other similar ones.
  • Arts camps are perfect for your family’s little artist. Some children love to paint and this type of camp will teach them how to improve their artistic talents. They will focus on your children’s skills, and they will help them develop them. Kids will take part to multiple workshops where they will practice to make pieces of art that can be shared in an exhibition. These camps organise activities as dancing, singing, painting, acting and writing.
  • Family camps are organised for the families that cannot stay away from their children. If you do not want to spend a week away from your little ones, then you should look for a camp that offers activities perfect for parents and children. These camps are specialised in planning traditional activities for families who want to get lost in wilderness for a short period of time. Depending on your preferences as a family you can take part to a camp that exposes your children to dance, music and other similar activities. The only difference between family camps and other type of camps is that you have the possibility to join them.
  • Sports camps are great for children who know what sport they love, and they want to improve their performance. It does not matter if we are talking about basketball, tennis or baseball, you will definitely find one that allows you to enrol your children to the activity they like. The majority of sports camps are organised by professional athletes, so it is the perfect opportunity your children to learn from a person who has experience in the domain they want to perform. There are even surfing camps if you can believe it, so do not be afraid to take your little ones to a place that offers them the opportunity to improve their athletic skills.

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