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How to Travel Safely With Children During the Holidays

This is the time of year when travel increases dramatically. Taking trips to see family and friends are perfect during the holidays as parents and children have time off of work and school to simply enjoy December. But as you travel you need to make sure your children are as safe as possible. 

Car Travel:…

6 Tips on How to Find Your Forever Home

Looking for a new home is both an exciting and challenging time in any person’s life. When you’re specifically looking for your “forever home”, your stress levels can start to peak. Studies are showing that people are starting to look for their “forever home” from an earlier age. Buyers are no longer taking the housing…



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Mommy Advice - How to Get Rid of Brown Spots

Taking care of your skin should be a part of your daily routine. You only have one skin and the more you nourish it, the more it will know how to thank you and you will be able to notice the wonderful effects. However, some things that can be seen as a bit problematic for a perfect skin, such as wrinkles and spots, happen to everyone. Tiny wrinkles can actually be seen as charming and they often illustrate emotions, such as joy. On the other hand, dark spots simply bother anyone who has them. The good news is that you can get rid of the brown spots and get a perfect complexion. Here are some tips:

Products to apply to your skin

First of all, make sure to faithfully apply sunscreen. The best is to apply sunscreen in the morning, together with your moisturizer. This way, you will prevent the UV rays from doing harm to your skin and you will avoid hyperpigmentation. Another product that you should make a part of your skincare routine is a brightening serum. The ones with vitamins C and E are the perfect choice for a luminous skin. Alongside with a serum, proper exfoliation will make your skin fresh and nourished. It’s up to you whether you will opt for a hydrating peel gel or user-friendly pads that will soothe the skin. The last step in this part of your skincare routine should be correctors. Spot correctors brighten the skin and make the brown spots disappear. On the other hand, color correctors have an instant effect, as they physically cover the dark spot. As color correctors are a part of makeup lines, your skin may benefit most from using quality cruelty free makeup. This way, you will get makeup that is beneficial for your skin, while also being conscious about the things that matter.

Natural remedies

A few inexpensive solutions for hyperpigmentation can have a great and noticeable effect, but you must be consistent with using them for a certain period of time. Apply fresh lemon juice to your brown spots, or mix the juice with sugar to get a brightening scrub that will refresh your skin. Just like a nice, cold lemonade revives you on a hot summer day, the lemon juice revitalizes the skin, by naturally lightening the dark spots.

Another great and all-natural remedy in your fight against the brown spots is potatoes. Simply place a slice of a potato, which you have previously splashed with some water, on the problematic area of your skin. You can even make a potato and honey face mask that is both brightening and nourishing for your face. Mix some grated potatoes with as much honey as it takes to get a proper mask consistency, so that it is not too liquid or too solid to apply. Keep the mask for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off. Although it is not obligatory, you may want to consider using raw honey for your mask, as it contains 100 percent raw honey with no added additives.

Lastly, buttermilk can do wonders for your skin. Apply a bit of it to a cotton pad and dab it directly onto the brown spots. After approximately 20 minutes, wash the buttermilk off with water. Keep on using this remedy daily and after a certain period, you will notice the brightening effect it has.

Procedures for treating brown spots

One of the most common treatments for removing dark spots is laser treatment. It is non-invasive and a number of people opt for it because it is painless. The results are noticeable almost instantly, but you may need to undergo the procedure a few times, to get the optimum effect.

One more procedure that will improve your complexion is microdermabrasion. The best thing about it is that it is also non-invasive, and the pain is minimal or non-existing, while the results are incredible. The treatment exfoliates the skin and boosts collagen production. That way, the hyperpigmentation is gone, while your skin is refreshed and glowing. It is no wonder microdermabrasion is a quite popular treatment and beloved by many celebrities, such as Suki Waterhouse.

In the end, it should be noted that having dark spots is a common thing among many people and something you shouldn’t stress too much about. A number of products, remedies, and procedures are available; it’s up to you to decide which one(s) you will try.

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