Mommy Monday: Dry Brushing Posted on July 29, 2014 I need to get healthy. Like for real. I have a wedding in a little over nine months where I will be standing in an unforgiving white dress in front of people on a beach. I also will be standing again in front of people as a matron of honor for my sister’s wedding in November of next year. I say healthy because I have learned to appreciate my butt, boobs, and curves. But I got some stuff, like all mamas especially moms of twins or multiples, that’s gotsta go. I’ve been trying to do P90x3 now for, oh I don’t know, 4 months to no avail. I feel really great when I do it; it’s just the doing it that I have issue with. It always seems like something is going on. Today, I was going to start full force, and I woke up nauseous and dizzy and not feeling good which obviously means that that time of the month is on its way. So I’m going to give it a go again tomorrow. But when am I going to stop putting myself off until tomorrow? My whole point of today was to kick start a workout and pamper myself a little. To let the house work slide just a touch (not completely because that ain’t helping mama either right ladies? That just means double work on Tuesday) and to concentrate a bit on myself. Fit in a longer shower. Take time to moisturize, exfoliate, paint my nails, fix my hair for once and not rock the mommy pony. Did I do any of this? No. My hair is in a “ballerina bun” which is code for I didn’t want to wash or fix it. Why is it so hard for us to take a little time for ourselves? We can organize birthday parties, bake cookies for a classroom and a half full of kids, wash and fold a load of clothes at the speed of sound, paper mache a volcano, spend all day putting together a lego tower according to the picture on the box, sew a baby doll a dress, and cook a gourmet meal. We can withstand cold season, spaghetti night (if you have toddler twins you get this), cranky mornings, and fussy husbands. We are mom, teacher, doctor, nurse, friend, gardener, maid, personal assistant, chef, shoe finder, repairman, chauffeur, cheerleader, coach, etc. We do so much for so many people except ourselves. We/I have to do this. I have to put myself first to be better and have more energy to do all that “mom” requires. Men get this. They have Boys Nights and man caves. They go golfing and out to drink and play basketball. Why can’t we get it? They don’t mind us taking a day. And if they do mind, give me an hour with them and I will put them in their place haha. I need a day where I put myself first. And the countless women like me have to start putting themselves first too.

That being said, I did take the time to do one thing for myself today that I am really starting to believe in: dry brushing.

I believe in dry brushing because I have dry skin (really dry sometimes) and also have some swelling in my feet after standing or sitting at the computer all day teaching. It usually goes away quickly once I put my feet up, but sometimes, especially during my period, the retention of water and swelling can be troublesome due to poor circulation throughout the day. I started dry brushing to improve those two things. I don’t do it religiously or every single day like I should, but I can tell the difference when I do not dry brush in the mornings. It’s also amazing how skinny my ankles look and how radiant my skin is and show soft it feels on days that I dry brush. *** Almost forgot: this pin in APPROVED!!

Looking at yesterday positively, I will say I took the time to do one thing that I see as beneficial and healthy. Negatively… that’s all I did.

So I am going to make an online pact that I hope yall will hold me accountable to. I am going to workout 5 days a week. And take time each day to pamper myself just a little. And every Monday, Mommies everywhere, I want us to start using this day as our day to full on relax and use our extra time for us. For me I will be reviewing a pin on beauty, health, or skin care. This will almost force me to do something for me. I encourage you to do the same. Start the week renewed and refreshed. I’m taking back Mondays, that horrible day of old, and reclaiming it as Mommy Monday. A day when we are first. Tell your kids and your husbands to get over themselves for one day. Make it an eat out day or an easy meal day. Let the kids eat PB&J for one night. Let your hubby cook. Put your feet up. Concentrate on you. If Mommy has a good Monday, the rest of the week will be better for the rest of the family. We have to stop worrying about being perfect and “on” mommies all of the time. We have to stop being so dang concerned with everyone else. We really need to take care of ourselves. Viva la revolution!!! Mommies Unite! But seriously… if you aren’t with me completely and don’t feel you can devote a whole day to yourself, at least lock the door the next time you go to the bathroom and exile everyone from your potty time. Poop in peace Mamas. At least on Mondays.

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