Moms make life easier with personalised labels

Did you ever hear a mom say, “Wow, that was easy?”

Mom’s life is difficult and that is no cliché. You love the joyride but more often than not it gets bumpy and you are to decide how to make headway. Labelling, a rather underrated task, helps moms make crazy back-to-school days look calmer. And why only school? At home too, personalised labels can do wonders without you having to strain your vocal cords much.

Here are a few labelling tips that you must be already following and a few more to make your life easier:

Label to make your kids’ list of missing items in school shorter

If you thought labelling books and worksheets with the obvious identifiers like name, grade, and academic year was enough, you were wrong. For toddlers, it is mandatory to put address labels with names and phone numbers of the parents on the backpack. For grown-up kids too it helps if you label their goodies tactfully.

Children past playschool age are always lost in their own world of imagination. You can’t expect them to remember mundane things like lunch bags, drink bottles, and pencil cases. It is obvious that they will carry those things to school and leave them there and then wonder how they vanished altogether! It is you the moms who will have to take charge and put a label on every smallest thing that they can conveniently forget. 

Make a list and start working on it. You get tiny pencil labels to stick on pencils, crayons and texters ,clothing labels for jackets and shirts, and other stylish labels for items that are generally non-school by use but when taken to the school on special occasions may have a chance not to come back! Say, a sunhat, scissors, or a virtual reality box.

Don’t forget the allergy labels- they are quite a lifesaver!

Being a mom to kids with allergy means you are always on your toes. Whether you are going out for work leaving your kids at home or daycarewith the nurse, or sending them off to school or for sleepovers, you always want to make sure they are eating right. The best way to do it is by sticking allergy labels on their clothes (for school) or on the fridge door (at home) so that they are clearly visible to the teaching staff or the nurse.

Daycare requires labels on almost every item- sippy cups, bottles, bottle lids, and spoons. If your baby is allergic to some food or objects you be extra careful put an allergy label on your daycare bag.

Use shoe labels to help your budding sports stars stay sorted

Same-agekids’ sports shoes look uncannily identicalwhen left behind together at one place. No wonder kids often bring home the wrong pair or slip one foot into the wrong shoe. To help them identify their own shoes among others’ you can putshoe labels on their converse, skates, cleats and sneakers.

Shoe labels also look smart on flip-flops and slippers. So, use them confidently when your kids are out for a swim or a sleepover.

Label other sports items too!

Sharing is fun but losing isn’t. Kids grow a bonding towards their sports kit and when they lose one item from the kit they are upset. You can address the issue by putting labels on each one of them. At least, then you don’t have to go check the lost-n-found bin of the dressing room every third day.

How about labelling the shelves?

Arguing over little possessions like shelf space is at the heart of every sibling conflict. You would know that if you are raising two or more kids. But watching them fight over such small things is not always fun. Instead, you can think about labelling their shelves and teach them how to better organize and utilize a given space. That will be an important lesson for them.

Personalised labels are small in size but big on usefulness .You use them to ensure safety, health and hygiene of your toddlers. In case of older kids and tweens ,you use labelsto make them more organized and self-sufficient. 

Also, labels being durable and tastefully designed you can stick on any product and your kids love them totally. Just, let them pick out the ones they like, even if you find the colours and the patterns goofy. They will in any case outgrow next year. So, don’t think long-term!

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