Money Talk: Should Bloggers Discuss What They Earn?

There is a consistent theme that runs through a lot of conversations about money in the mom blogosphere. Typically moms want other bloggers to reveal what they earn in order to get an idea of how to price various partnerships they have with brands. But, is this the right thing to do?

It can be frustrating when you’re new to the world of brand partnerships. Influencers typically work with marketing agencies and get many projects that way. You don’t want to undersell yourself and you don’t want to price yourself out of an opportunity either. Most bloggers figure out rates the hard way through good old-fashioned trial and error. Many charge far too low at first for services rendered. Then they get hip to the world of business and start charging what they're worth. 

Some bloggers are always happy to help friends in rate negotiations because as women we tend to undersell ourselves a lot. That said, however, sharing specific rates that you charge brands can become quite problematic. People talk behind closed doors and relationships can become strained if money discussions come into play particularly if a brand pays two mom bloggers different rates. That’s never a good situation!

There is also the potential for other bloggers to throw roadblocks in your way if you reveal too much of how much you earn, especially if you’re on the higher end of earning potential among mom bloggers. It’s sad, but true. Even though in an ideal world we would all love to throw numbers on the table, money talk tends to complicate things, right? 

Where to Start

Always start by knowing you will charge a brand for services you perform or content you create. You also have to be confident in your ability to perform requested tasks and therefore should charge accordingly. If you overcharge, oftentimes brands will negotiate a rate that works for both parties. If you feel it is too low, always be willing to walk away. Never accept a lower fee than you know you deserve because you are desperate to work with a certain brand.

Also, look for bloggers who post their monthly earnings on their blogs. They are always insightful looks into the world of blogging earnings. 

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