Monitor Your Children’s Devices With These Online Tools

As a parent, the last thing that you need in your life is extra stress and worry. Your children are your life, and you wish to do everything that you possibly can to keep them safe from fear and danger. That is why you need to focus as much on their online activity as you do their offline activity.

For their interactions online can lead to dangerous decisions made offline. With that being the case, we highly recommend you retain vigilance by monitoring your children with these online tools for investigation.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

A good starting point for any kids would be Kaspersky Safe Kids. This tool is a must-use parental monitoring system that you can use on any desktop and/or mobile device. It allows for easy understanding of what your kids are using devices for, as well as for easy pinpointing when a certain credit card number starts being used to buy in-app purchases!

A useful device that can protect your children as well as easily provide proof should you find them doing something they shouldn’t be, this app is a must-use for any parent looking for protection.


Forgive the name, but HideMyAss (HMA) might be the smartest investment that you make as a parent. The tool itself is designed by a 16-year-old software genius, and the result is a tool that offers some very interesting benefits. Using 256-bit encryption, HMA is the ideal solution for helping to keep your kids protected from the risk of cybercriminal activity.

While a report has shone a light on potential data leaks, HMA has helped many parents keep their children safer when they are browsing around on the internet. It offers an extra layer of protection over what they might have at present.

Clean Router

Anyone using your network should, ideally, be willing to play by your own rules. So with the help of a Clean Router, you can easily make sure that your kids cannot use the internet on their own for anything nefarious or potentially illegal.

This helps you to keep things safe and it also avoids you getting any concerning letters through the door regarding the internet activity of your children. Better yet, it will ensure that you have a strong, secure, hard to crack router that often supersedes the quality of any router that is provided by internet providers.


A very reliable tool for making sure that web browsing and social media usage is safe. We recommend this to most parents who want something they know can help to keep their kids free from the dangers of the internet without being extensive or excessive in how it will be used.

Qustodio is a wise choice as it does many things that you would expect, not least providing you with an easy way to manage and view internet activity. It can be quite expensive, but you can get as many as five devices on one account for a yearly fee, which is a decent starting place for most parents.

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