Mother's Day is poignant for most of us. We all had a mom and we are moms. Hopefully, our moms were good moms though I do know from drying the tears of many women that not every woman had the mother she needed. And for that, my mothers, I'm sorry, because it’s a pain that stays a long time.

My mother was a good mother but she made mistakes. As a bossy first born I was quick to point them out whenever the mood fit me.

I loved being a mom and I still do but it's different now because my daughter is in heaven, my son is older and I have three grandchildren. But I delight still on remembering the early days of being a mother.

In my first months of motherhood, if anyone even mentioned my daughter's birth or her name, my breasts would leak. Fortunately, that little tweak feeling comes first to give a warning to hurry up and get a tissue
in there!

I remember the countless Sundays of folding cloth diapers for two. Both my kids were allergic to that plastic coating on Pampers and my mindset was allergic to the idea of doing something easy when I could do it the hard way. This was after coming back from the laundromat with two kids and the diapers in a shopping cart, bless me Father for I have sinned in taking the metal cart. But can you imagine what the trip was like on the way there with 100 wet baby diapers? Oh, the things we did to economize saving for a house.

I remember toddler days of pointing to my cheek for a kiss whenever I felt the urge and buying a dozen donuts after Mass, heaven help me, and eating three because "the kids like donuts." That was after bacon and eggs and toast.

I remember our early camping trips where we all slept in a 9 x 9 foot tent while the raccoons clawed at our water bottles and the entire vacation cost a mere 100 bucks, even with one dinner out.

I remember sunny days at the Jersey shore and that was after my husband lugged down a playpen, a car bed, and our lunch while carrying one child in arms and the other baby in tow. No one ever slept in those contraptions either but it was a matter of principle because no decent mom ever just put her darling baby on a beach blanket!

I remember all those doctor checkups and the pediatrician saying to me on one exhausting morning, "I can't understand why your son isn't sleeping through the night at four months.” Then he narrowed his eyes at me,
“You're not playing with him when he wakes up are you?" And when I didn't answer because I wanted to get that good mother look, he tilted his head and continued in a louder voice, "Who wouldn't want to wake up, have a little nuzzle and play? Next time, just give that baby boy water and he'll never wake up again in the middle of the night!" Ladies, I think there's a lesson for us in there somewhere even as grown women.

Anyway, I guess when I think about being a mother I confess that nothing has ever given me more joy and fulfillment and I just wanted to share a little and see if any body else wants to do the same.

Love and peace and Happy Mother's Day,

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