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My son loves to come home from school and tell me about other children in his class. He is at an age where children enjoy comparing their home lives, so I am used to hearing about what other kids get to do or have. I have listened to stories of children who have their own smartphones or children who get to stay up late and children that get to play video games all weekend.

I remind my son that I am not interested in other children's lives. I am interested in his. And then I had him read this article on what children need to perform their best:

  • 60 minutes of physical activity every day
  • No more than two hours of recreational screen time
  • Nine to 11 hours of sleep every night

We talk about the requirements after he reads the article and he comments that he gets lots of sleep at night and lots of activity with recess and after school care. Then he sighs and says he understands why we limit screen time (but he still doesn't like it).

Move. Play. Sleep. It's such a simple mantra, but it's easy to forget in the pace of our everyday lives. It's one that I need to follow as well.

I should log off and go play with my son.

What is your family mantra these days? Tell me in the comments.

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