Moving from one city to another or one state to another often requires some intense prep time. Doing all the hard work yourself can make that move even more frustrating. Finding professional moving companies to help you can take some of the weight off your shoulders and make you feel a little more confident that you won't forget anything. Another way that you can keep yourself on track is with a moving checklist that features important info about your move.

What Should Your Checklist Include?

A moving checklist should include all pertinent information relating to your move. This simple list should have the name and phone number of your movers on the top as well as contact information about your new utility companies and the full address of your next home. You can keep track of each step you need to take on that list, including when to contact utility providers, when to pack each room in your home, when the movers will arrive and what items you want to pack last minute. This list can include information about what you stored in different boxes too.

When Should You Make One?

Making a checklist is one of the first things that you should do, and you can even create a list before contacting local movers. Contacting those companies can even take the top spot on your to do list. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to complete and check off each item on that list. Whether you need to move in six months or six weeks, you can still create a list. The more time that you give yourself, the more time you have to slowly cross off each task.

How Can You Save a Copy?

While you can keep a copy of your moving checklist saved on your computer, you also need a separate hard copy. If you do not have access to your computer, you might miss out on a certain time or forget to cross something else off. If you decide to carry a paper copy with you, make a few different copies for storing in your home and in your vehicle. Each time you accomplish something on your checklist, check it off each copy. It's helpful to have on on your phone too, especially if you carry your phone with you every day.

Using an App

An even easier way to keep track of your list and everything you need to do in the coming days and weeks is with an app that you download right to your phone. Moving Checklist Pro is an affordable app that works on Apple products. It lets you keep track of each thing you need to do and lets you organize all your tasks with a deadline attached to each one. Moving Checklist is a free app for Android devices that does many of the same things. With a handy checklist and professional movers Manchester NH residents like yourself can make moving much easier.

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