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Must avoid bad parenting habits

Parenting is a practice which demands a lot of dedication, involvement and sacrifice. Being good parents is not providing kids with what all make them happy, but deciding what they need to grow up maturely and responsibly. Many parents commit lot of parenting mistakes, which if not rectified, may spoil the life of the child.

It is the alarming aspect that many parents do not recognize the parenting mistakes as mistakes and go on following the same mode of behavior with children. Knowing the right parenting methods is essential to be good parents. Let us see few of the most commonly followed bad parenting habits.

Being arrogant to kids

Arrogance is the worst communication mode with kids, especially. Shouting and yelling at them is
destructive to the most. Children are very sensitive and they react to the unwanted situations in the
worst way by developing strange defense mechanisms and negatively responding to the parents. To be a good parent be quite, calm and reasonable in your dealings with the children.

Whenever the pranks or disobedience of children make you angry, and then try to dissolve the anger by trying to understand your children more deeply and also by convincing them the after effects of such bad behaviors. Anger and arrogance is not the way to communicate with kids. If you shout and yell at kids they will take such behavior for granted and will turn arrogant when they face similar situations.

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Breaking promises and swearing in front of kids

Many parents promise many things to kids and fail to fulfill them. This is a bad habit in parenting. Do not
promise if you are afraid that you cannot fulfill them. Breaking a promise communicate the
un-trustworthiness of the parents.

Swearing before kids also does the same damage. Promising a gift for each good deed will make kids demand for it to be good. Kids may even get into bad behavior to
threaten parents to give them new offers to retreat.

Satisfying all their demands

There are a group of parents who believe that buying kids al they ask for is the means of becoming best parents. Whenever parents do this, they are, in fact, spoiling the life of children. Kids are immature to decide what they need and what not. They get attracted to the things used by other children and may
demand for the same.

When children ask for anything, parents need to think that how good is the object for the child. If you don’t want buy something which kids demand, then do not right away say a ‘No’ and neglect the demand. Just convince them positively that why you don’t want your child to use it. If you go
on satisfying all the demands of kids, the demands will increase in future and parents will get into

Never letting kids know hardship

Life is a mixture of pleasure and hardship. Most of the parents do not wish their kids know hardships.
Struggles of life, in fact, is the essence of life and only by facing struggles and hardships, a child may
grow strong enough to face the hard realities of life. Many of the children and spoon fed by parents and when they start their own lives then find it difficult to face the life.

If you do not want your child to experience hardships, then at least convince them that life is not as easy as it seems to be. When you buy anything for children tell them how hard you worked to earn the money to buy it. Never let them feel that life is so easy and can pass through without hardworking and being lazy.

Pushing kids too hard

Pushing kids too hard and expecting too much from them are other commonly observed bad parenting
habits. Parents push the kids into the rat race of the world and force them to excel in all fields of life
pushing aside all the competitors. In schools, at home… everywhere children find the life a competition.
Understand you child with all his/her abilities and disabilities and set goals according to the capability of
the child.

Having unrealistic expectation will make the child growing unconfident and less smart. Instead
of asking them to be the first everywhere, you can explore his/her abilities and recognize few of the
possible realms where the child can excel and try to nurture such skills and talents. That is the most
appreciable positive parenting.

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