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Must-Have Power Outfits & Accessories for the Confident & Fashionable Modern Woman of 2017

The sophisticated women of 2017 are bold, confident, and super-talented. Today’s successful women do not restrict themselves to flaunting and proving their capability, competence, and confidence in their work scenario only; they look and act confidently in every walk of life. They let their outfits, sense of style, and personality do the talking. Irrespective of your profession, what kind of job you do, the kind of place you work, today’s women boast of certain wardrobe staples that add a touch of confidence and elegance to their overall personality. Here are some must-own power pieces to demonstrate the confidence in you.

The Fascinating White Coat

It is not necessary for you to be a qualified physician to flaunt a white coat. A fashionable woman could take her style quotient at least, a few steps higher by wearing a dazzling white coat in rich textures and exclusive fabrics. You would look incredibly elegant, confident, and affluent. You could take the cue from celebrities and pair your white coat with hot leather skinnies and team with pumps to create a cool, confident, and a crisp look. A white coat is right for every season.

The Attractive Polished Blazer

No matter how busy you are, you must allow yourself at least, 5 minutes before stepping out every morning to plan your overall look including what outfits you would be wearing, trying a new hairstyle, or doing up your makeup slightly differently from usual. If you cannot spare much time, you could simply put on a well-fitted black blazer and start another new day looking powerful, confident, and polished. A little bit of mascara and a lipstick would do.

You could create a magic with hair extensions. Both long and short hair extensions help in creating a natural-looking and soft highlight where you could see the shades blending smoothly into each other. You could sometimes wear the blazer in bold colors including red that demonstrates confidence and power. Remember that a monochromatic ensemblewould always be keeping your look smart, sleek, and really sophisticated. Your entire look would be speaking volumes about your personality and accomplishment.

The Ultra-Professional Trench Coat

In business circuits, the trench coat is regarded as a trademark. You could wear a smart trench coat over a pair of jeans, dress, or a simple pair of trousers simply to boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance.

The Hip & Happening Pencil Skirt

A nicely-fitted pencil skirt is regarded as a curve enhancer and would be boosting your overall confidence and taking your fashion quotients notches higher. This hot outfit could be worn for both business and pleasure. The pencil skirt should be touching your knee either just below or just above your knees.

The Quintessential LBD

It has been proved beyond doubt that if you look good, you are sure to feel good. You must have realized by now that no other outfit could make you look as stunning as the quintessential little black dress. You could create a gorgeous and sophisticated look by teaming it with a leather jacket.

Smart Shoes

A comfortable but gorgeous pair of pumps is a fashion must-have for smart and fashionable women for showing both style and strength in your appearance. You must choose a pair that would surely enhance your look. You must wear shoes you could walk in. You must avoid wearing shoes that are too uncomfortable and too high for you.

Structured Bag

The new era women look smart and dashing in every outfit she wears and in every look and image she portrays. She would not carry a sloppy bag as that would make her seem sloppy and incompetent. A structured bag is the flavor of the season. Women are choosing distinct shapes and clean lines to demonstrate professionalism and organization. A structured bag would be having the power and capacity to add an element of sophistication to any look.


The secret to success and confidence is to have a clear idea about your personal style. Sophisticated women believe in the power of personalization and they would be stamping their style on their outfits. 

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