One, I had submitted a sample project by using JSP, Php and Asp. The guy told me my work was great, I may get a job in the company which office is in the UK. I was in Bangladesh. I became so happy. Who doesn’t want a good job? I was returning home and rain started. It was raining heavily, and I was walking on the footpath, without an umbrella. Branches and leaves were dropping beside me while I was walking. It was an amazing moment. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Later I got to know that the guy bluffed.

Two, we all colleagues went to celebrate one of our colleague’s marriage ceremonies. It ended late at night. One of my colleagues took a yellow cab to drop me at home. When we started home, the rain started, heavily. The driver turned on AC and music. Outside was very dark we couldn’t see anything. The moment was amazing. My colleague said, “Wow, this is amazing, I have to take my girlfriend to a tour this way!” This happened in Bangladesh.

Later he told me, he did make a tour with his girlfriend in the same way.

Three, my work was done at 11pm. It was a late-night, so I didn’t want to wait for the bus. I went outside, found one of our managers was standing outside with the phone. It was raining. I said, “Oh no”. He told me it was worse. Anyway, I started walking to my home, in rain, as usual without any umbrella. After some time, I heard some noise behind me. I looked back; I saw he was also walking with me. I asked, what are you doing? He replied, “Going home”. Good, I was happy to have someone to walk at the middle of the night. Then we talked, about simple things, about driving, home etc. Then in the middle of the way he crossed the road to go to his home, I keep walking towards my home. It was a great moment. This happened in Canada.

We never talk with each other before or after that moment.

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