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My little baby is growing up! I’ve been really holding on to him being my baby. He’s my last – no more babies in this family for 20 more years (pray to God), so it’s been really REALLY hard on me. I’m letting go – I’ve come to the point where I can now focus on him growing up instead of freaking out about not being able to baby him anymore. I mean – hell yeah, I’m still going to baby him, but I have to let him assert his independence. Toddlers are like teenagers – they’re all trying to become their own person.

This past weekend I we went through potty training boot camp. He’s been beyond stubborn about going to the potty for the past 6 months. Every time I bring it up he bursts into tears and throws a fit about how he “can’t”. Jeez – you would have thought I asked him to tie his own shoes or something...

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