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Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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My due date was set for July 1st, 2015 with my fourth boy. My husband had just started a new job and was scheduled to go out of town June 15th through June 19th. At first I was not concerned I felt confident that God has always been faithful in having our babies come on the right day and right time, but as the day approached closer for him to be out of town, my nerves started to kick in. People would often comment “well at least it’s your fourth baby and not your first” as if that would make it okay for my husband not being at the birth. Which I understand what they are trying to say but I not only desired for my husband to be at the birth I need him. I need his support, I need his presence, for me I needed my husband at the birth of this baby. The birth of a baby is a miracle, and a very special time that I did not want him to miss. I reminded myself of my previous birth stories. With my second son, my husband had also started a new job and was scheduled to be in training in San Francisco which is two hours away for the entire week in which my due date fell. Well thank God for His grace and perfect timing my second son was born two weeks early, perfectly healthy and unexpected, but needed so my husband could be there. I remember with my third son, my husband was working about an hour away and I have my babies quickly and that day that he and my mom both were working farther than normal, them just telling me, if you start to feel anything call us so we can come home, stirred up my nerves and I had contractions, I called them to come home and the minute they both arrived at my house my contractions stopped and two weeks later I had my third son on his due date. In having these experiences it helped me remind myself that God knows the desire of my heart and to trust in His perfect timing, and also reminded me to keep my nerves in check, because being anxious and nervous would not help me. We also used wisdom and even though we were praying and believing that this baby would wait until he returned from out of town we planned and prepared ourselves if he wasn’t. My husband and I asked my sister to be at the birth of this baby if he was out of town. We all three toured the hospital so she knew where to drive me and take me if I did go into labor while he was out of town. He made sure the car seat was installed in the car before he left and things at the house were ready. My strength and peace came from praying and receiving prayer, at church I would have ladies pray for a supernatural delivery, with all the right doctors and nurses and the right timing. They agreed with me in prayer that this baby would wait until my husband returned home and I held onto those prayers. Well my husband was set to go out of town Monday early morning and that Sunday before I started feeling a lot of pressure and very nervous. I would speak scriptures that I was standing on, remind myself of the prayers that were spoken over my delivery and focus on taking one day at a time. I knew I had a doctor appointment set for that Monday he was gone, so I focused on making it through Monday and I would speak to my body to be at peace, for my muscles and nerves to relax and be at peace. For everything my water, mucus plug, to stay intact until my husband returned. A nurse friend and my OBGYN told me to drink lots of cold water and to keep my feet up so I did just that. I had my heart set on not going into labor till he returned. He was set to return Friday afternoon. Every day went well other than feeling a lot of pressure I hadn’t had any contractions until Thursday night and early Friday morning, I kept telling myself we did not make it all this week to go into labor right before he comes home, but I had to speak to my nerves, speak to my body and rest in God’s faithfulness. I am so grateful for God’s grace, I was up in the early morning hours Friday around 2 AM having contractions, I would try to go back to sleep so I could rest and relax and my four year old came into my room and laid down with me, as soon as he came in the room, my contractions settled down and I was able to go back to sleep. I rejoiced with each new morning thanking God for making it one more day, each day was a victory for me. My husband’s birthday was Friday and I thought it would be a nice birthday gift to have this baby Friday evening once he was home and he had time to see our other boys, but Friday came and went and no baby. My mom was lined up to watch my other boys if I went into labor and I still wanted my sister in on the birth of this baby. I was in on my sister’s birth when I was only seven years old and even cut the umbilical cord, I thought it would be neat for her to be in on the birth of this baby, also good experience I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be in on a few births even before I was married, those experiences helped me dream about what the births of my babies would be like and how special for someone to be so kind to include you in such a special and personal life changing moment. I wanted to work around their work schedules so we had some preference on the day and time frame this baby would be born, and one of the main things was just don’t come on Wednesday, that is a busy work day my mom had planned and more difficult to rearrange. Also my OBGYN was going to be out of town that Wednesday. Well 3 AM Wednesday morning I wake up having contractions, I called my mom and sister and told them not to hurry but get ready just in case, I am going to take a shower and I would call them back if they were still coming. I think God wanted to remind me and my mom to rest and trust in Him in spite of our preferences. Sure enough it was the real thing, they came over to our house we arrived at the hospital at 4:45 AM and this baby was born at 5:20 AM. My sister was still able to be in on the birth and go into work. My mom kept my boys for the early morning hours and my sister-in-law came and picked up the boys so she could still make it to work. Everything happened very quickly, which I attribute to reading Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize, speaking the Word of God and trusting in Him. My contractions were not that strong until we arrived at the hospital I even told the nurse while checking in, “I have my babies fast, so I came in early”. Once she checked me she said what are you talking about you came in early, you’re ready to go. A friend of mine who knew my OBGYN was going out of town had said to me pray you don’t get Dr. so and so, hopefully she is not on call she is the worst. Well upon checking in, I told them right away my Dr. was out of town and they mentioned the on call Dr.’s name which was the Dr. my friend had said I did not want. I quietly said to the Lord, okay God I trust you, let’s do this quickly with no complications, all the right Dr’s. Well when the nurse checked me there wasn’t even time to wait for the on call Dr. they went right down the hall and called in another Dr. who was amazing! I am so grateful for God’s goodness and praying ahead of time for all the right Dr.’s, prayer works. She was very friendly and reassuring. She was expecting a baby herself, and she was very personable she and my husband were talking sports, which helped, it was a distraction from the contractions. She encouraged me to do a small push and then wait for the next contraction, so in waiting for the next contraction she and my husband were talking sports and I had to say can I push now, which is funny now and with that second push our precious baby was born. Isaiah Israel Briggs, 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches long, Wednesday, June 24th, 2015. Something that was often prayed over me was the peace of God, the presence of God to be in the delivery room. On the way to the hospital I asked my husband to turn on some music and one of my favorite songs about the presence of God was on the radio, which helped me breathe and focus and think on His presence on the drive into the hospital. I will vividly remember the cool brisk morning air and that song playing on the way to birth this baby. I will post the song at the end of this post. We had great nurses to care for me and the baby after, we even had a nurse Jane who was our nurse for one of our other boy’s births taking our babies vitals when our boys came into meet baby Isaiah for the first time and she remembered our family which was so nice. She let the boys continue to hold the baby as she listened to his heart, such precious moments. Something new that they had started at our delivery hospital was they don’t take the baby to bathe or do any checks right away, they immediately place the baby on the mother and leave the family alone for the first hour, then they weigh and do measurements but they don’t bathe the baby for the first 8 hours or even longer. They say the vernix and amniotic fluid from utero is good for baby's skin and immune system. Helps fight infections and also they are very pro bonding now and letting you have skin to skin time with baby. They also do the babies first bath right there in your room, and all the other tests as well. I was really grateful for this new way, I enjoyed watching them do the hearing test right there as I held my baby and being able to ask questions and everyone that came in was very friendly and informative. They did a lot more blood test on this baby they were concerned he would be jaundiced, they wanted his blood count to be 20 or under and his was 23 at birth, so they drew blood a number of times and though we were released to go home on Thursday they had us bring the baby back in Friday to draw blood and keep an eye on his numbers, we also had to schedule an appointment with his pediatrician for first thing Monday morning. I kept speaking over baby Isaiah that he was healed and whole, perfectly healthy for his blood cells to be perfect with no sign of jaundice. With each blood draw the number kept going down and even at his Monday appointment the pediatrician said I don’t know why they had you guys come in this baby is not jaundiced. Thank you Jesus! Baby Isaiah is very laid back, I know most newborns are sleepy those first few days but he was extremely calm, everyone commented on that. When they came in to draw blood they would say he’s not going to like this he’s probably going to cry and nope no cry, not even a whimper. When they came in to give him his bath the same thing, the nurse said he’s probably going to cry, but nope, he was very calm, chill and laid back. It’s neat to observe each baby and how they are all different and you get a peek into their personality even in the first days of their birth. If you are currently expecting or plan on having a baby in the future know that you too can have a Supernatural Childbirth! A birth of your dreams whatever that is for you, with mom and baby safe and healthy. I am so grateful I have been able to have all four of my babies vaginally, with no drugs or medical interventions of any kind. Each birth has been unique in it's own way, each time I have learned more about myself, and experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God. I've watched my prayers be answered and I am so grateful to enjoy the gift of childbirth, the miracle of it all. It really is a miracle the entire process. If you are nearing the 40 week mark of your pregnancy, enjoy every moment, yes even those uncomfortable ones. Pregnancy and childbirth is a gift, savor, relish, soak in every moment, every smell, and sound and take a lot of pictures. My baby is already one month old as I am writing this, the days seem to go by so fast and they change so quickly each day. My eldest son just turned eight and I just stand in awe of the miracle of life and I know before I know it he will be eighteen. Thank you for reading if you’ve enjoyed the content you’ve read above please share with your friends.

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