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My Favorite Podcasts


My Favorite Podcasts


I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, no matter how much I plan and organize… I still have a hard time getting everything done. One silver lining is I haven’t been dropping as many balls lately as I usually do. If you didn’t get the Ultimate Parenting Super Bundle this year, I HIGHLY suggest you get it the next time it’s available. The planners and resources have been a life saver for me.


Here is a short summary of everything I have going on:



  • Working Full-Time (with two new girls who are still learning the ropes)
  • Three College Classes (fortunately, one is an introductory class and will be ending soon)
  • Six Kids (four of who live with my ex-husband, and two live with me)
  • Building a New House
  • Building a Blog (writing posts, networking, reviewing books. working with affiliates)
  • Attempting to Lose Weight


…ok, this list is starting to freak me out. On top of all this, I'm studying to take the Florida State Board test to become a Direct Disposer (for a cremation society).


Getting Overwhelmed


Every day, I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunities that I do… but I still get really overwhelmed.

Our office at work has been so busy that there isn’t ANY time to work on school, the blog, the gym…. or even eat half the time. I’m really happy that we’re busy, because slow offices don’t stay open for very long… but it doesn’t help with easing my level of “how the Hell am I going to do all of this?”

My drive-times aren’t very long, but I’ve been putting more of an effort into finding podcasts that will help me learn more about blogging… so when I do find time to sit down, I can focus on writing and building, versus researching and learning. I still feel really insecure and clueless most of the time.

I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts… but I’ve found five that I really love.


From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen)


My favorite podcast isn’t related to blogging… but I listen to this one the most. I was trying to find something more “zen” to listen to in an attempt to calm myself down and find a little peace…so I typed in yoga. It only took one episode to fall in love with Rachel BrathenShe is an international yoga teacher and speaker, and is such a beautiful person. Her voice just draws you in. I end up teary-eyed almost every episode because I feel like she’s talking directly to me. She talks about gratitude, motherhood, insecurity, juggling schedules… everything we deal with on a daily basis.


The Blog Millionaire (Brandon Gaille)


In an effort to learn as much as I can about blogging, I stumbled upon The Blog Millionaire. Brandon’s voice is CRAZY motivating and he has a HUGE amount of information that helps bloggers. Though, as amazing as Brandon’s tips are… it’s his back story that will make you completely love him. He has been through serious medical issues that would have made just about anyone else give up. Not only did he not give up, but he bounced back and created a HUGELY successful life!


I Teach Blogging (Renee Groskreutz)


Renee Groskreutz is just such an awesome person. I love her podcasts, and they are really short… so they are perfect for my super short car rides. She has an amazing blog, and I always look forward to both her posts and her podcast episodes for tips on blogging.


Just Keep Blogging Podcast (Kim Anderson)


Kim Anderson has another one of those super-motivating voices. Her blogging information helps me SO much! Not only does she have great podcasts, but she also has a really informative blog. I am learning so much from her.


The Impact Driven Entrepreneur (Mariana C. Ruiz)


Mariana Ruiz is a business coach, and has great podcasts related to coaching, training, branding, etc. Her interviews really motivate me to set my bar higher. She makes me believe that I truly CAN be an entrepreneur.


 What podcasts help you through your day?

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