My first commercial and all I got was this sparkly new hairpin!

My 4 year old daughter has wanted to be a "movie star" since she saw
Eloise goes to Hollywood. Not that I think she really knows what that
means or what it entails but I have convinced myself that I will never
be the shatterer of hopes and dreams when it comes to my girls. If they
want to do it or be it, I'm going to support it because we all need a
cheerleader.To help her achieve this lofty, if not almost impossible
goal, I submitted her photos to a prestigious modeling agency, they
called us in, and then they agreed to represent my 4 year old.She is
pretty cute, if I do say so myself:), and I figured what a better place
to start than some print work. Of course,fast forward a couple months
later, she books her first job. Its a commercial. Amazing right? No,
well, it was to us. She was excited, our friends were excited, our
family was excited, myself, I was too exhausted from organizing an
unexpected relocation to really comprehend how exciting it was. It was
to be a commercial for a local car dealership. We were in set the
mandatory 15 minutes early, of course we had been sitting outside in
the car for a 1/2 hour before that but we couldn't come in, per
instructions from our agency. Apparently, its unprofessional.We walk in
the door with our 4 outfits they asked me to bring, of course they left
her in the faded jeans, ugg boots, and long sleeve t-shirt and navy
polo she walked in with. Oh, that is with the exception of removing the
polo (which was the only cute part of the entire outfit because it was
the riding to the shoot outfit..not the actual outfit for the shoot:) I
was all very surreal, hair and make up on my 4 year old.She sat
straight in the chair , jibber jabbing the make up artists head off. We
exchanged niceties and she told me how bright and beautiful my daughter
was, something a mother can never hear too much of. Then we began the
actual shoot, or what I'd like to refer to as "the train wreck of
2010". My daughter was "the daughter", to the family in the commercial.
There were like 10 adult actors and my 1 child, did I mention she had
never even done a print booking. Talk about putting all of your eggs in
one basket. Jeez. It starts out the pretend Dad has to lift my little
girl into the back of a pickup.Oh my, poor guy. My daughter is very
tall for her age, she is like 45 inches tall and around 53 lbs. She is
rock solid. This guy was about 5'10" and having trouble lifting my
child. She was more than half his length and its awkward to lift a kid
that tall, I should know. I looked on with pity and horror as this man
struggled.My daughter just sat there, like a deer in headlights, except
for the occasional cheese she tossed in the general direction of myself
or the camera ( which she was not suppose to be looking at because she
was supposed to be looking at her damned fake parents!)But I stood
there, silent watching it all happen because Mom's (like children) are
on set to be seen and not heard. I was there strictly for moral support
and legal reasons.They eventually finish the 15 or so takes, my
daughter is totally confused by the people moving their mouth feigning
conversation with no actual sound coming out.It was all very
overwhelming for her. The bright lights,the strange man lifting her
up..which by the way, every time he lifted her up, her shirt lifted up
on her belly.She's 4, so she paid no attention, but the adults (not
even the fake Mommy...oh, you so know she doesn't really have
children)not one of them thought to pull her shirt down or tell her to
do it. It was very frustrating.This could go on for days and it felt
like it did. Let's just sum it up by saying she is 4! She was tired ,
she was hungry, and she was overwhelmed but she didn't have a meltdown,
and she didn't cry, and she didn't act like a brat.She did everything
they told her to do, to the best of her 4 year old ability. That was a
long day and there is so much more that I could tell you but then I'd
have to kill you:) She did ,however, at the end of the day, as we were
leaving the shoot look me in the eyes and say, "Awww, dang it Mommy.It
was my first commercial and all I got was this sparkly new hairpin!" I
chuckled to myself, I guess that paycheck and all that excitement
didn't count for much..because , in her mind, all she got out of the
day was "that sparkly new hairpin". I asked her if she wanted to still
be a "Movie Star". She said ,"Sure Momma. I bet when I'm on Disney
channel, they'll give me all kinds of sparkly(SPark-A-LEE) new
hairpins!"LOL. Keep on dreamin big, baby!
Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape, or form a dig at the process or
my agency, this was about the train wreck that I had to watch my kid be
part of because of her inexperience. It was like helplessly watching a
car slide off into the ditch.Or watching your baby fall when learning
to walk for the first time.It was inevitable, and you couldn't stop it,
it was just the circumstances and our naivete. We are looking forward
to the next time, we're going to fishtail...on purpose!

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