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Last Wednesday I went on a sort of mini Blog Vacation. I answered important emails, but a friend of mine came up from the valley to spend four days with us to get out of the heat of Phoenix. She loves my little babies as if they were her own and it was fun to have some time away from the bump and grind and enjoy the city I live in!

So its time to share on our adventures. Here's a little recap!

Around noon last Wednesday, Jessie got here and we did a little dollar store shopping before I took her to one of the cities best events. "Concerts in The Park". It was lovely. The Mayor was there and gave a little speech about the Yarnell Firefighters that gave their lives a couple fateful Sundays ago. Living in Northern Arizona, we are always concerned about forest fires because its one big ponderosa forest up here, unlike the desert of Phoenix. So to hear that Arizona lost the best of the best that day, is so sad and my heart truly aches for their families. One man left behind a family of five and the oldest child was six years old. I just can't imagine the pain that mom is going thru right now.

But one of the great things I love about Concerts in the Park is the atmosphere.
Jessie and Baby B
Watermelon face!

 Everyone brings a blanket or camping chairs and a picnic basket full of food. We love to pack watermelon and tons of fruit. Then a local band plays for a couple hours and its a fun filled relaxing night.

This was the day before the fourth of July, and I had to be up early the next day to march in the parade.

On the Fourth of July we woke up and I got the kids ready to walk in the parade for the mom group I'm a member of. I thought I had remembered where I parked, but I didn't...

Anyway, we get there and we are the 91st entry in the parade of 100 entries. I literally didn't need to be there til 10am. Staging started at 8...and I'm glad I didn't get there til about 8:50. Even though the parade started at 9, we didn't start moving from our section til 10ish. Having two kids sit around in a stroller that wasn't moving for over an hour, wasn't my idea of a good time, they were getting pretty fussy.

I'm very glad I was able to bring a clamp on umbrella for the stroller. Jessie walked with us and pushed the stroller most of the time while I handed out candy to the kids.

J myster totally  ready for the parade!

Playing peek-a-boo with Jessie!
Ready to get walkin!!

Horses behind us ready to walk....
Star Wars made its entry....

Boats behind us at the parade...

Republican party ahead of us in the parade...

B falling asleep halfway thru the parade...

  Then at the very end, we started walking back to where we thought our car was and it turns out I forgot the street we were on. So we were lost, walking with the kids in the stroller, from street to street and I was almost in tears because I was hot and tired. Thankfully though Nicole saw me, I left Jessie with the kids in the stroller and she drove me up two streets ahead of ours and I found my car. I was so thankful for her! During that time Hunky Hubs had texted me saying that he was with Charlie and Cathy at IHOP and after the parade, that sounded amazing! We loaded the kids in the hot car and headed over for a late breakfast. 

Hunky Hubs got both kids these ginormous sugarfilled pancakes. It wouldn't have been my first choice for them, but they were on cloud 9 and I enjoyed hearing baby B go "MMMMMMMM" every few minutes. It was cute! 

B, saying "deez" and excited about his pancakes!

That night we were contemplating going to the Fourth of July Festival at Jakes on the Green, but it was $10 bucks to park, so we ended up taking the kids to Jennifer's house to see the fireworks over the treetops in Country Club. The kids ran around with glow in the dark bracelets and probably didn't see many fireworks, but at least they had fun. They started an hour before they were supposed to, but we got to see a little bit. 

Then the next day Twin Arrows Casino, about 20 minutes outside of town, found out about all the disappointed people who didn't get to see the fireworks since they started early (due to a storm) and they put on a second fireworks show on the 5th that we took Jessie and the kids to. I loved it! It was a good half hour display with about 4 trick finale endings. It was amazing!

On Saturday, it was a day of vegging around the house. We had another BBQ and made some ribs and enjoyed a nice monsoon thunderstorm. Jessie went home Sunday morning and now its back to our daily routines, but I'm so thankful I had that time off to spend with my friends and family in the greatest country on earth!

Hope you had a fabulous Fourth as well!
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