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I just want to first start off with a big 'thank you' to my parents for putting their sanity aside and bringing four children into the world---you're the real MVP's. I knew I was lucky, even back then, to experience everything growing up from birthdays to holidays to family arguments all with my [annoying] siblings by my side. I mean, I honestly believe my brothers' arm punches and the sometimes bothersome shadow--better known as my little sister--following on my heels, all have helped make me who I am today: an annoyed (at times), younger and older sister who can take a punch. Because of this, I knew I wanted a circus...I mean, family...of my own. The idea of four children would surely kill me, I know this for a fact. Being elbow deep in shit, spit up, and Legos at only two, leads me to that conclusion. So on that note, I'll just save the whole 'continuing to populate the Earth' to the rest of yous. You're welcome.

Me, Kerry, Mark, Erik--my first friends in life.
Me, Kerry, Mark, Erik--my first friends in life.

Having siblings, in my opinion, is one of life's fantastic blessings. They are your first friend(s), even if you wanted to strangle them while yelling at your parents, "why did you have to have another one!!?? Can't you just leave well enough alone!?" It's ok, that's normal, we've all been there. I mean, come on, what did our parents expect? They forced us to live with someone else (three others to be exact) for so many years without giving us a say so in the matter, and then had the nerve to make us share our toys and the last can of ravioli; there is bound to be tension and drop kicking involved at some point.

There is a bond there that no one or nothing can break, except for the TV remote---this thing had the power to start WW3 in our house; oldest brother vs. the rest of us; a fight to the death, or at least until one of us cried and said 'uncle', thus turning over the plastic prized possession through a painstakingly, twisted cramped hand. Ahh, the memories. Speaking of memories, I cant help feeling like I was the one always left crying, and the one always submitting to the cross-face-chicken-wings delivered daily, courtesy of brothers one and two. Ah well, all the fun times and beat downs made for a childhood worth remembering.

Two parents, two children, one hour of sleep at a time, and zero urge to start again: I [think] our little Repiscak pack is complete. I know I said I was done like a paragraph ago, but it honestly all depends on what kind of day I'm having; good or bad, the answer will change accordingly. I'm a woman, it's my prerogative to change my mind, deal with it. But, judging by today's events--Liam taking 20 minute "naps," Ella rifling through the medicine cabinet for the umpteenth time (don't worry, the only thing that's left in there these days is someone's toothbrush, a half used tube of toothpaste, and a seashell(?)-- oh, and the whole her getting chocolate on the couch thing, it's not new or anything (eye roll)...so if you asked me today if I'm at my kid limit, the answer is without a doubt, 'you bet your ass I am.'

On that note, here's some of my hopes for my two kids, as they go through life together in childhood and as adults:

Time will fly by, and one day, you'll both be "too cool" to have tea parties or play G.I. Joe; I hope you're never afraid or embarrassed to be silly every chance you get.

It's inevitable that you will both argue and spew every name in the book at each other, but as soon as someone else tries to do the same, I hope you stand as one; stick up for each other, always.

Remember that your sister will cry at times, she's sensitive just like mommy; be her shoulder and comfort, never be too proud to wipe her tears, or let her use your shirt as a tissue.

Remember that your brother will probably have his rough and tough friends over one day, and he may very well kick you out of his room, shouting 'no girls allowed!'. Don't worry, it's all an act, you're still his favorite sister, I promise.

It's important to remember that as siblings, you are both each others first real relationship outside of the one you have with me and your dad. You will teach each other how to share, how to play, how to laugh, and how to forgive; all very important lessons in the game of life.

As you grow up and on with your own lives, I hope you will make it a priority to call, text, facebook, or whatever the social media fad may be at the time. Whether it be for something serious, or if you just to want to say "hi" or call one another a "butthead."

And last, but most importantly, you may not always like each other, but please, I hope you will always remember to love each other.


I have many more hopes and dreams for you both, perhaps the biggest one is my hope that you will know how much you mean to me and how much I love you every day.

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