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My Mistake In Blogging. Don't Let This Happen To You

I am so disappointed in myself!

I started a blog in 2008 and found wonderful guidance through Mom Bloggers Club along with fantastic connections that created a few friendships that I still have to this day.  Recently MBC posted "Spruce Up Your Blog In 10 Easy Steps".  Really good tips and resources.  One I definitely needed, since my blog has been around for so long, was the  When this service was finished with my free scan I was shocked at how many links I had to fix.  I realized some Bloggers no longer had an active site, so their link was broken.  I scanned my comments and fixed as instructed.  I need to fix my site for Google ranking!  I need to show a solid blog to generate income!

However, the most important part of this process was looking back at the activity that happened on my blog.  It made me smile and then it made me depressed.  I used to communicate with other bloggers much, much more often than I do now. Looking over my old posts I kept saying 'Oh yeah!  I remember Mary!  Does she still have a blog?'  And 'Oh my gosh.  I forgot about Sue.  I loved her blog!'  And yet, I stopped visiting.  I had connections with others that made me happy and yet, over time, I let those connections fall away.  

There was a time when I was receiving over 20+ comments on my posts - that's a lot for me.  Considering my current lack of connection I am so disappointed in myself that I lost those relationships.  I let people who put a smile on my face, made me think about life, parenting comrades, I let these relationships disappear.  What took my focus?  Trying to monetize my blog.  The time and effort I had put into cultivating friendships went into finding sites that would help me make money.  

I didn't start to blog to make money - I started my blog to write, to share my stories and to, hopefully, connect with others that were going through similarities.  Over months and months I was so far away from my blogs beginnings that now it makes me sad.  I miss the connections.  I miss reading that someone else "gets it" or that I've shared in such a way that made them laugh.  I'm so far off the mark of my beginnings now I feel... lost.  Lonely.  All alone in my own little blogosphere.

I messed up.  

While looking over the broken links and checking to see if my old blog buddies still have a blog I see how their life has gone on and how their site has progressed.  I want to leave a comment but, it's been so-o-o-o long, it's been years, and I'm nervous.  

Also, there are some that started blogging the same time I did and they have done so well they have created a career from their blog.  Their blog has become an all-out paying job! 

Not only did I not produce a blog that creates enough income for me to file taxes, I've lost my personal connections, my readers.

So what do I want from this effort that I put forth?  Why do I have a blog?  I want to have my connections back.  I want the relationships.  Sure, receiving payment for my time is nice but it doesn't make me smile, or inspire, or help me feel that I'm not alone on this parenting ride.  I need to focus on what nurtures my spirit.  And if, by any chance, some change shall fall into my bank account that would be an added bonus.

How about you?  Why did you start a blog?  Are you still on that path?  Or, did you take a U-turn?

~Ann Harrison

Ann Again and again

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Comment by Ann Harrison on March 31, 2014 at 11:09pm

You are so right Marcia.  No matter the time of day (or e-e-e-arly morning hours) you can always connect with a friendly blogger.  Stressing out about what to write is something I can understand with regard to my review blog.  Ahh, I need to just relax.  Things will happen when they're supposed to.  Thanks for the comment Marcia :->

Comment by Marcia Fowler on March 31, 2014 at 7:51pm

I started my first blog in order to help parents learn about the reading process (I'm a teacher and reading specialist). I stopped when I realized blogging was a bit more time consuming than I had thought.  My second blog was activities to do with preschoolers. I loved this blog and wrote for fun. I had guest bloggers and was also a guest on other blogs. But then being a mom of a preschooler and baby was a lot of work. I stopped blogging because I was stressing out trying to find time to write.  My current blog is about writing (my kids are older. I now have time to write) I started it to share ideas with other moms who write. I've always enjoyed the contacts I meet while blogging. At times, like the middle of a cold winter, it's hard to socialize face to face with neighbors and friends, but you can always rely on a few friendly voices on blogs being there once you put the kids to bed.

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