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I have a new Mantra … and yes I came up with it all by myself… and it only took me 45 years!

We are all set on a particular journey but we can choose the path we travel.

I found this to be true during the course of many struggles AND joys in the first part of my life. I am hoping, as I start the second part that I will continue to act on this. I know what it means to be dealt a bad hand. I know what it is to wallow in the self pity. I know what it is to embrace the pain. I know that if I continue to make certain choices it will head me back to the road I really didn’t want to be on. I know now that there are ways to deal with the bad times that jump up in your way or try to derail you on your “journey”.

I have, in my stumble through the years, chose some really not-so-good ways of dealing, some disasterous ways and some fantabulous ways! I have been duped into thinking that because somthing or someone comes into my life that I must embrace them and try at all costs to hold on. I am sure I have also bypassed some extraordinary people and experiences becasue I was so busy searching out the nonsense.

So I have not been blessed to come into this world with a great support of family or money in the bank. I wasn’t given the skinny -beautiful gene and these, as it turns out, were blessings in disguise! Lord knows, I can be pretty sure my friends aren’t “hangers on” looking for the handouts or the fame! :) They are here because they, like myself, are getting something else out of relationships with friends. I have been forced since childhood, to build my own character and make it strong enough to withstand the forces that try to knock it down. I have had to fight for much, learn to let go of a lot and I think I finally am learning to just look ahead and enjoy the jpurney for what it is.

How was that for a heavy Monday morning babble. Hey, when I finally learn something I think I should be generous enough to share! Just sayin’ ….