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I started writing Logan's story some time ago but he asked me to stop because he wanted to write it, so I stopped. My son is privy to the ignorance some have in regards to not only Autism but Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and many other Special Needs and Learning Disabilities. 

When he talks about his short stint in the public school system my stomach twists and turns, the pain and anxiety he endured. Even though it has been three years it still remains fresh in Logan's mind, with me as well. 

Logan came to me and said 

"Mom, I am ready to write my story but I want us to do it together. I want kids to know being different is awesome!"

*tissue please*

I am beaming with delight.

When we were at the beach on Friday we would watch Logan flap his hands in flurry, I swear I thought his feet were going to leave the earth. His soul lies in that powder white sand and in each crashing wave. 

This has always been his mental retreat. When he is having a bad day that is filled with tears and is biting his hand the ocean sweeps it all away in it's healing tides. 

I am extremely blessed to have this admirable creature in my life. My side of his storyis such a minuet part, only he knows what he was feeling and experiencing. Even in the most distressed days he still says

"It's the best day ever!"

So together we will write Logan's Story and if we touched just one person then we have succeeded. 

I write to educate others, to enlighten others, to bring awareness.
I write for those who haven't been heard.
For those who have been bullied and criticized.
Who have been told "You can't do it!"
For those who Have, who Can and who Will!  

I write for my son.
He's my inspiration, my laughter and above all, my Hero.

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