My Story - From Flab to Fit and Cowardly to Confident

Recently, I was asked to submit my success story to another website and thought it would be a good one to share here as well. Throughout my life, I was always a relatively active person, but
after having two children, and approaching my late 30’s, I really lost
my motivation to workout and my metabolism went down the drain. I was
nearly 50 pounds overweight, unhealthy and very unhappy. I had horrible
insomnia and my doctor even recommended that I go on an
anti-depressant. My daily activities really just included taking care
of the house and my two young children. I had little motivation to do
anything else.

My children were both under age 4 and I felt like I could barely keep up with them. When I wanted to go to bed BEFORE them, I knew that something had to change. One day, I saw a commercial
for P90X (an intense 90-day fitness program) and thought, I’d love to
do that someday, but felt like it was far out of my reach to achieve
something that looked so advanced.

I started my workout program with a small goal to ride my exercise bike 10-20 minutes each day. Once that felt easy, I decided to up my goal to 30-45 minutes. During one of my 45-minute
rides, I saw a commercial for Turbo Jam. I thought it looked like fun
so I decided to give it a try. The
combination of my bike rides and the Turbo Jam DVDs helped me to lose my first 25 pounds.

As a stay-at-home mom with two young children, putting ME first to fit in my workouts was a challenge. But, I asked my husband to watch the kids as soon as he got home from work so that I
could make the time. Adjusting my diet was also a challenge with my
“meat and potatoes” husband and kids who eat the usual kid food like
hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. I began tracking my calories and tried my
best to eat as clean as possible.

One I felt up to it, I decided to tackle P90X as well. It was probably the most intense 90-days of my life, but it was so worth it to change my body and truly change my lifestyle for the
better. During
this time, I also decided to start blogging about health and fitness at It has been so wonderful to share my experiences
with a wider audience and the support and feedback has been amazing.

After my weight loss, I am almost speechless to describe how good I feel. I now have an understanding that fitness is not all about the superficial but making yourself healthier, more
confident and positive.

I think my extra-special accomplishment has been becoming a fitness coach for the Beachbody line of product. I now have the confidence to help others to achieve their health and fitness
goals. As a mom, all other moms ask me how I did it. I am now finishing
up my Personal Training certificate and will be doing one-on-one and
group training in the fall.


Jenn Mitchell (aka Coach Jenn) is the Chief Motivational Officer at She describes herself as “fun, hard working, compassionate, energetic, positive, and very interested in helping others.” She is now proud to
say that she is in the best shape of her life. Her passion is helping
other moms make health and wellness a priority in their busy lives.
Achieving fitness goals is a very personal experience. Jenn aims to
provide her readers with the information to help make the choices that
will work for them.

Stop by to keep up with Jenn’s experiences and advice or
sign up for her free fitness coaching at

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