I try very hard to make every Saturday & Sunday a 'cleaning rest day.' To me ... my house is a mess on the weekends )o: I have learned over the last 5 years that I cannot keep my house clean when Superdad is home. If I clean the kitchen, he is there 5 minutes later making a sandwich. If I clean the bathroom, he is in there as soon as I shut the bathroom door to 'dispose of his sandwich.' If I sweep & mop the kitchen, he comes in with grass on himself from mowing the lawn (o: What I doodoo (since we did just talk sandwich disposal) on Saturday & Sunday is organize & cook. I do a sweep of the house checking closets, cabinets & I organize as needed. I usually make a huge batch of homemade salsa, homemade granola & I boil a bunch of chicken for quick dinner & lunch ideas ... like chicken spaghetti, chicken lasagna, chicken tostadas, chicken tacos ... you get the picture.

Most of my time on the weekends is spent with my family or trying to get away from my family - HA! If the Super Kids are behind in their schoolwork, I do homeschool them on Saturdays & Sundays ... yes, I am a meanie & make my kids do school on the weekends. When I am spending 'fun' time with the family, we are usually outside, going to garage sales, shopping or running errands. On Sundays we go to church as a family (unless my husband forgets to set the alarm).

Monday I get busy ... I spray off the patios, wash my interior windows, clean & organize my fridge & freezer, wash all of the bedding & towels, wipe down the living room set (we have leather) & clean the master bathroom.

On Tuesdays I dust, I mop & I vacuum, I clean the boys' bathroom & the kitchen.

Wednesday through Friday I touch-up clean. I always have dishes to load, wash & put away. I also have at least 1 to 2 loads of laundry to wash, dry & put away every day. I do not allow dishes or laundry to pile up. I hate seeing dirty clothes & dirty dishes. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. Plus, living in the country - we have a septic system which requires gradual usage of the washing machine. It is bad for the septic system to have 10 loads of laundry washed in one day )o:

This is my laundry system (o: I have a laundry basket for Superdad & I, a laundry basket for Super Zachary & Super Jacob, a laundry basket for Super Noah & one for Super Julia. I also installed a tension rod when we first moved into the house & found that it fit perfectly above the door frames of the laundry room & Super Noah's room (the doors are almost directly across from each other). I keep our extra hangers on the rod & as soon as I pull clothes from the dryer they get hung up or folded & put into the correct Super Family member's basket. I have found that folding & hanging clothes directly from the dryer helps with the wrinkles & with laziness (yes, even Supermom gets lazy every now & then). On most days the Super Boys help with hanging clothes. It is one of their responsibilities to put their own clothes away once their basket starts to fill or they run out of clean undies & socks (o;

Twice a month I vacuum under the cushions on our living room set, wipe down all of the cabinets, wipe down all of the baseboards, wash the exterior windows, lint brush the curtains (hello - 4 cats living here), weed the flower & garden beds & touch-up paint.

My life as a 'Self-Proclaimed' Supermom is ALWAYS exciting, but I wouldn't even trade it for RPatz with whip cream & a cherry on top (o:

Want to know how I make laundry FUN? Laundry room name tags (o:

Life As Supermom ~

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