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It's saturday the 26th of September and i have been teething for a total
of about four months now, with very Very little to show for it...

But now after all this time i will pull the rabbit out of the bag( or at
least the teeth out of the gums)and i shall make my BIG reveal at dinner
time, wait for it wait for it, ok NOW! BITE!Ohh hang on this is quiet
funny, i bite and mommy squeals hmmmm interesting, let me do it again,
come on, that face you just pulled, mommy was just priceless, i HAVE to
see it again!
Ok new plan... because i just know she wont willingly put her fingers there in my mouth, now think Aidan think, hmmm i know
i'll scream like i want something to eat and when she hands me a little
bit of bread or a piece of broccoli, i'll pounce on her hand and
gnaw,gnaw,gnaw, like my life depended on it, i'll take her fingers and
grip them with such strength that she'll squeal(again) for me to let her

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