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My Top Tips For Saving Money On Family Holidays Abroad!

Want to take the family away for some quality time but don’t have the cash?

Yeah, I feel you...

I have often been asked how I manage to go on holiday with the kids every year and, honestly, it is because I save.

I save like a crazy woman.

So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of my nifty holiday tips with you, in the hope that we can all go on a lovely family holiday this year!

#1 Always Remember The Added Costs

Have you ever had what you thought was a reasonably priced family holiday in the cart, only to be bombarded by the additional costs as you check out? Yeah, it is super annoying. Whenever you are looking at holidays online, try to factor in the extra costs too! A £600 holiday will actually cost around £800 once the airport transfers, luggage and extras have been added on! There are a few ways that you can try to keep these costs down and these are as follow:

  • Airport parking: Never go for the first airport parking price that you see. Have a little look around and use price comparison tools, such as the one on Parking at Airports, to find the best prices! You could save a lot more than you think!
  • Lighter Luggage: Don't pay over the bar for more luggage when you could take less. Keep an eye on the weight of your bag on the way to the airport to avoid any large and unsightly costs. This really can save you a good few bob so it is definitely worth a try.

#2 Saving Money In Daily Life

It isn’t just the cost of the holiday itself that can end up accumulating, it is the costs of daily life as well. I try to keep some of my normal costs down in order to save for a holiday. This means sacrificing days out and takeaways! I try to keep track of my savings and pop them all into a holiday fund! There are so many ways to save money as a parent that there really is no reason not to! Plus, you can get the whole family involved.

#3 Considering Staycations

While heading overseas with the little ones is a really fun and exciting holiday idea, staying in the country can be a whole lot cheaper! By choosing a beach holiday closer to home you can save yourself a whole heap of money. In fact, it may even be worth alternating your holidays in order to go abroad. For example, one year you could do a staycation and the next go abroad. Alternating can make leaving the country a lot easier on your finances!

#4 Searching Around a Bit

There is no point in picking the first holiday that you see. This will inevitably lead you to paying a higher price. By considering all of your options, you can negotiate lower prices. Don't just take a look at a price comparison site, take a look at three. Then compare the price comparisons! This will allow you the best chance of finding the cheapest options. Check out Trivago, Booking.com and lastminute.com.

#5 All inclusive or Self Catered?

Take the time to consider the types of accommodation and deals that may be on offer. Often, all inclusive options can work out cheaper (in the long run) than if you stay in a hotel and go for dinner every night. Self catered options, on the other hand, allow you to shop in cheaper supermarkets and cook from home. Track how much you think each would come to and choose the cheapest option!

Going on family holidays is really important. It gives you time to bond with your family while making lifelong memories too. If you want to better manage your finances in order to make room for family holidays, then these tips are a great place to start. Ultimately, the more you can save daily, the more you will have to spend on your holiday when booking time comes around!

Happy Holidaying!

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