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I would bet that for those of you reading this, you would agree that teaching children to be responsible can be difficult. In fact, sometimes 'teaching moments' present themselves and you have to capitalize on them. Like the time when I drove all the way to Lakeville (from Victoria) to Jack's soccer game only to hear, as I get out of the car, "Mom! I forgot my cleats!" And I must confess, my first reaction was to turn around and drive all the way home to get those cleats because otherwise I know I will hear, "I won't get to play in the game at all!", if I don't.

But he's almost 12. So I say "absolutely not--I am not going home!" and sit back and think 'Ahhh, natural consequences'." But as I sit at that game and watch Jack on the sidelines, I start to feel guilty. I feel guilty because he hasn't learned this responsibility yet because in certain areas of his life, we can't sit back and let natural consequences do the teaching for us.

We can't let him "forget" his diabetes bag, or snack, or tester, or insulin. We can't forget to change his site every two days. We can't forget to count his carbs on the school lunch menu before he leaves in the morning. We just can't. These natural consequences would be too steep. At risk are his arms and legs; his eye site; his life. I just can't. I JUST CAN'T!

So for now, I will follow him around and make sure he tests when he needs to. I will always carry sugar in my purse and an extra tester "just in case". I will always be close and only be a phone call away. And I just pray that someday he will take responsibility for his diabetes--because I am way too old to live in a dorm!

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