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The kitchen requires a lot more cleaning, compared to the other rooms in the house. It's also proven that in the kitchen there are many different surfaces, each of which requires a different approach and cleaning solution. And when you have in mind the fact that every surface in our kitchen touches your food, you'll realise that the proper kitchen cleaning is a very essential issue. Not cleaning the kitchen well can be potentially dangerous for your health, and nobody wants that. Another intriguing fact is, that many people keep harmful chemicals exactly in their kitchens where they can cause the most damage. But I guess this is just plain stupidity. Now I'll share some completely natural kitchen cleaning tips, which will help you maintain your kitchen clean and the nature alive.

Cabinets. I don't know what's the situation in your homes, but at my house, our cabinets get lots of fingerprints, food and other stuff on them, and these things are a real challenge to clean. In fact, if you clean them right away, you'll only need a microfibre cloth and some warm water, but we all know that this is usually not the case. This is why I use a home made all purpose cleaner to wipe my cabinets. I use a tablespoon of borax, half a tablespoon of washing soda, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap, and the juice of half a lemon. I place all these ingredients in a spray bottle, and then I pour 2 cups of warm water into it. Then I shake it well to mix everything together well. After that I just spray the cabinets and wipe with a cloth or a clean rag. This cleaning solution can be also used on floors, the bathroom tiles, toys and many other.

Counters and tables. The all purpose cleaner I told you about is great for cleaning cabinets, but it can be also used to clean the counters and your kitchen table. I have personally used it on my granite counters, and I can safely say, that it doesn't leave any residue or visible marks. I would definitely prefer it before all the granite cleaning sprays they sell in the stores, because those are full of dangerous chemicals. I would also avoid using vinegar on granite, because it's highly acidic and could damage the surface. For tough stains on your counters and the table, you can try this alcohol based cleaner – mix 6 cups of water, 1/3 cup of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and some essential oil, for a better smell.

Under the sink. The space under the sink often gets forgotten, but it shouldn't. Mould really likes to strive in such places, and if you leave it unattended, you will notice the growth at some point. This is why I always add it to my kitchen cleaning, and I clean the space under the sink at least twice a month. I usually use a solution of vinegar and lemon juice, poured into a spray bottle. The vinegar is a real mould killer and disinfectant. If the mould growth is very extensive, I also add some alcohol to the cleaning solution, because it dries the moisture out of the mould and kills it effectively.

Oven cleaning. Cleaning the oven can be quite the challenge, if you haven't found the appropriate approach. But I found an easy way, which allows me to perfectly clean the inside of the oven without the need to scrub everything for hours. I just spray some water on the bottom of the oven, than spread lots of baking soda over it, and spray some more water on top of it. It will create a paste and will start fizzing. Some people are impatient and leave this solution to work only half an hour, but I usually leave it overnight. When I get up in the morning, I just scrub off all the baking soda solution, which usually turns brown by this point from all the dirt inside the oven. For the tough stains I use a scrub brush. After I wipe off all the baking soda, I rinse everything with a vinegar and water solution, to disinfect it additionally.

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