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No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we all want our children to be geniuses when they grow up. It’s only natural, the urge to want our children to be successful in all aspects of life only means we want to protect them. To have them be better able to protect themselves from a world that at moments can be…

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Natural Medicine & First Aid - Stings and Insect Bites

It is important that parents and caretakers have a first aid box and procedure book on hand, in the home, in the event of accidents, illnesses, and emergencies. Here are some natural remedies to disinfect, soothe, and prevent further swelling of bug bites and stings that should be prepared and kept in the first aid box, along with first aid procedure for removing a bee or wasp stinger.

Bug bites are often painful, terribly itchy, and can swell up to quite large. A bee or wasp sting is painful and the sooner you remove the stinger and treat the wound, the better and faster there will be relief and less swelling.

You can easily and effectively treat bug bites, bee and wasp stings and even black widow spider bites with these natural remedies, however it is important to follow first aid procedures first before applying the remedy for healing.

First Aid Treatment


1. Remove the stinger carefully and slowly. DO NOT SQUEEZE IT. Squeezing it will release further venom into the blood stream. Immediately discard the stinger in the trash.

2. Clean the wound with an antiseptic.

Natural Remedies Recipes

Plantain Leaves Natural Remedy

1. Crush plantain leaves to extract their juice.

2. Apply the juice over the wound and apply a loose band aid.

Toothpaste Home Remedy

1. Apply toothpaste to the wound and cover with a band aid.

Homeopathic Remedy #1

-Apply Apis Mallifica 30x to reduce inflammation, pain, burning and stinging. -Cover with a band aid

Homeopathic Remedy #2

-Apply Cantharis 30c for bee or wasp stings and cover with a band aid.

Homeopathic Remedy #3 - For severe allergic reactions to bee stings or black widow bites

-Apply Carbolicum Acidum, 30 c and cover with a band aid

Homeopathic Remedy #4 For itching, pain, and burning

-Apply Urtica Urens, 30c and cover with band aid.

Insect Bite Oil

-1tsp lavender essential oil (stops itching and reduces swelling) -1 tbls vegetable oil -Mix ingredients and apply to the wound. Cover with band aid. DO NOT USE THIS OIL AROUND EYE AREA

Extra strength Sting Paste

-1 tbls Echinacea root tincture - 1 tbls distilled water -1/8 tsp lavender essential oil -1 tbls Bentonite clay -Combine Echinacea, water, lavender and mix. -While stirring the clay, slowly and gradually add the mixture. -Apply this paste to the wound. It will stick to the skin. Store the paste in an air tight container to avoid it drying out. If it does dry out add a little water to bring it back to paste form. Use over a few days if need be.

Avoid Mosquito bites with this natural remedy, which acts as a mosquito repellent.

-1 tsp Lavender oil -Rosemary (seasoning from the grocery store) -Grind both together and apply to your skin.

Do you know?

* Do you know that applying sugar over a bite wound will keep it from scarring?
* Do you know a slice of raw onion on an animal bite will fight infection and draw out any poison?

Parents can prepare the above natural remedies ahead of time, store them in an air tight container and keep them in the first aid box or natural remedy cabinet so they are ready to use when bug bites or bee stings occur.

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From Midnight Monsters to Bedtime Saavy

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