Natural Medicine for Muscle Pain- Go To Your Kitchen!

There are many over the counter gels, tablets, lotions, etc that claim to help with muscle relief. Some of them are pretty good for a short while, others have side effects such as burning the skin or carry a heavy odor which means most people don't want to walk around or go to work smelling like menthol. If your like me and millions of other people around the world and you are looking for a natural medicine for muscle pain relief then you have landed in the right place. This natural medicine is more than likely right in your kitchen, is a heck of a lot cheaper than any over the counter medicine, won't burn or leave red markings on your skin, and does not carry any odor - and it is highly effective for several types of other ailments as well.

According to NutraIngredients:

"The rhizome of the ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) is a rich source of antioxidants, including gingerols, shogaols, zingerones and other ketone derivatives ... ginger's pain reducing effects are biologically plausible with both in vitro and in vivo animal studies showing an effect of gingerols, shogaols, and zingerones on inflammatory compounds."

For many many years ginger has been known for it's medicinal use in easing nausea, stomach aches, and dizziness. It also houses immune system boosters with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, and in latest studies has been found to promote cardiovascular health.

The Case Study

In a randomized study, participants were given either two grams of raw or heat-treated ginger supplements, or a placebo, for 11 consecutive days. They then performed a strenuous exercise to induce "moderate muscle injury" to the arm. Pain and inflammation levels were assessed for three days afterward.

The outcome of the study showed that while both types of ginger produced good results compared to the placebo, the raw ginger reduced pain by 25 percent within 24 hours. The heat-treated form reduced pain by 23 percent in 24 hours. With this evidence, is it possible that a natural medicine for muscle pain can be found right in a person's own kitchen?

It is believed that the potent antioxidant content of gingerols, shogaols, zingerones in ginger have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properites which are similar to that of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Ginger – The BEST Therapy for Nausea, Morning Sickness, Motion Sickness, Cold and Flu!

Morning sickness is experienced in 80 percent of pregnant women. Ginger is proven to be more effective toward morning sickness or any other nausea related situation than vitamin B6 or a placebo. This natural medicine is also highly effective for motion sickness in both people and dogs, as well as cold and flu symptoms such as congested sinus cavities and sore mucus membranes.

I have to say that from a personal perspective this is very true. Ginger was a life saver for me during both of my pregnancies, it was also a life saver for my pup who suffered from motion sickness, and for my 5 year old would also get car sick if she was in the car for anymore than an hour. In all three of these situations ginger was the real winner.

However, for pregnant women there is a caution area when it comes to ginger. Do not over due it! Ginger food supplements, teas and drinking powders should not be consumed in high quantities by pregnant women, as fetal development could be harmed. The key words here is, "Large quantities." Ginger consumption in moderate quantities is safe for pregnant women. It is best to use fresh ginger as opposed to powders and supplements.

Now we can add to the list above ginger as a natural medicine for muscle pain.

Ways to Consume Fresh Ginger

1. Fresh and natural - Chopping up a teaspoon of ginger into tiny pieces and swallowing it with water. This is the most effective, potent and inexpensive way. For muscle pain relief this is probably the best way to take ginger as a pain relief.
  • To help decongest sinus cavities use 1/2 tsp of juiced ginger in a spoon with Manuka raw honey, twice a day. I give this to my family when they have cold and flu and it works better than any over the counter medicine I have ever used.
  • To soothe mucus membranes use 2 tbls of fresh lemon juice in a cup of boiling water with 1 tsp ginger juice. Use as needed.
2. Culinary - Ginger offers a lovely taste when sauteed with vegetables, meat or fish. Use a little sesame oil, you favorite vegetables and a pinch of salt. Stir fry lightly - do not over cook.

3. Beverage - As a hot tea or ice tea. Use 2-3 slices of ginger in hot water. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes. Add honey to sweeten if you wish. For ice tea use a stronger hot tea and add ice and cold water. A touch of mint in both hot and ice tea adds an extra refreshing flavor.

So for common ailments such as muscle pain from injuries, cold and flu, nausea, and motion sickness consider ginger as a substitute to an over the counter medicine. If you are pregnant be sure to use ginger in moderation and do not over due it. Take it straight with water, cook it lightly or consume it as a tea for a natural medicine for muscle pain.

Consider pet natural health care before you embark on over the counter medicines - Find out why here.

Recipe for Ginger Syrup

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