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Natural Remedies for Anxiety That Calm You down Fast

Some level of anxiety/stress is normal. It makes you stay careful, motivates you to keep yourself organized, and helps you stay aware of the danger. But, when it becomes a part of daily life, you need to be very careful and act to get rid of it. Your unchecked anxiety might impact you greatly.

Here are some remedies and effective tips that can help you get rid of your stress/anxiety:

Know the root cause & work on it

In today’s world, we live a hectic lifestyle. From Monday to Friday or Saturday, we all are busy. Some of us are so busy that we have no time for ourselves. Our hectic leads us to have stress or anxiety.

Most of us have anxiety due to our lifestyle. Maybe you may have other reasons behind your stress. You need to find out what makes you anxious/stressed – is it a job pressure, business loss, family issues, or the death of a loved one. Work on the root cause and find out the ways to get rid of it. For this, you can talk to your well-wishers (friends, family members, relatives, and a few neighbors). You can take professional support if you find it hard to come over your stress, influencing your daily life.

Start meditating

Meditation works wonder. Continuous meditating helps you have control over most of your emotions and feelings. It helps you remove chaotic thoughts from your mind and enable you to stay focused on your present by taking you out from the past. John Hopkin’s research suggests that a 30-minute meditation on a daily basis works as an antidepressant and alleviates most of your anxiety symptoms.

Have sound sleep every night

We, in today’s world, find ourselves helpless in finding out some me time at some points. Your constant work to achieve your set goals encourages you to work more and more. You start reducing your time for sleeping and family members. A slight change in your sleeping time for a day leaves no bad impact. However, continuous reduction in your sleeping hours influences you a lot and can lead you to suffer from the stress of high intensity. Try to make no compromise your sleep and leave your bed when you feel relaxed. For this, you need to set your sleeping hours and make no change in the same.

Stay away from bad habits

To live a healthy and stress-free life, you should always keep yourself away from bad habits. Habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, taking junk/fast foods, and alike others affect your physical and mental health. Gradually these habits make it hard for you to live your normal life.

 Take a cup of ginger tea

 Ginger has been in the use as a natural remedy for stress. Due to the presence of Gingerol (an antioxidant), ginger helps you counter the detrimental chemicals that your body has when you are stressed.  Your stress may lead you to have an upset stomach. Here, ginger comes to help you.

Boil a teaspoon of chopped ginger in two cups of water. Strain it and add a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice to it. Take it. It will help you clean your stomach and get rid of your anxiety.

Apply CBD oil

CBD oil has become a very popular alternative treatment for stress/anxiety. Due to having lower or no side effects, it works wonderfully. You can apply the oil on your head and other body parts. As you apply CBD oil, it starts working on your body and alleviates bad chemicals that cause you to get stressed. On the Internet, you will have a large number of resources to know cannabis and CBD oil in detail. However, you can use CBD Central as an excellent and trusted platform; it offers you comprehensive information backed by scientific studies. 

Consume ashwagandha powder with milk

As per Ayurved experts, ashwagandha is a revitalizing herb. Its intake helps you counter emotional as well as physical stress. An Indian Journal of Psychological Medicines study suggests that this herb lowers cortisol, a stress hormone level, which goes up when a person is under anxiety.

You need to do nothing but just taking ½ teaspoon ashwagandha powder with a cup of warm milk at bedtime. It would help you have instant relief from your anxiety/depression.

Take Brahmi powder with milk or water

Due to its potent antioxidant properties, Brahmi is highly acknowledged for increasing serotonin. Serotonin, a brain chemical, promotes relaxation. By improving the cognitive function of the brain, it helps the human body to counter anxiety.

Boil half cup of milk/water with ½ teaspoon of Brahmi powder for 2-3 minutes. Infuse this mixture for 5 minutes. Sweeten the mixture with honey after straining it. And drink this mixture when you are anxious or stressed.

Besides the remedies mentioned above, you can try applying lavender, Tulsi, chamomile, green tea, valerian, lemon balm, passionflower, and deep breathing to cope with your stress.

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