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Need Odors Removed From Your Home or Car? Buy This!

Presented by Biocide Systems

Earlier this year my husband and I helped my father-in-law clean out one of his unused bedrooms. No one had used it for several years and instead it served as pseudo storage for him. We found so much stuff in that room: decades-old NBA ticket stubs, Christmas gifts that had never been opened, and even black and white photos and mementos that had long been forgotten. That was great, but the one constant throughout all of the discoveries and cleaning out the room was the overwhelming dank, musty smell that accumulated from years and years of nonuse. We did the best thing we could to temper the smell once everything was cleaned out:  get a plug-in air freshener. We thought that surely it would help clean out the old smell in the room. The bottom line is that while the freshener helped a bit, it didn’t nearly help enough. It simply masked the smell of the dankness and so we left the freshener plugged in all of the time hoping for the best. What we got was another level of odor -- too much fragrance -- that was almost more unbearable. 

That’s why this week I was really, really happy to receive and review Biocide Systems’ Auto Shocker and Room Shocker. Both products were created to remove odors from rooms and cars. I had a learning curve about how to use the products and how they work. Both the Auto Shocker and Room Shocker are made from chlorine dioxide, the same chemicals that clean our drinking water. It also is a gas that organically goes after odor molecules. I think of it as chemicals that eat up all of the stinky odors in one’s space. Biocide Systems guarantees that their Auto and Room Shocker are not masking agents, but instead permanently eliminate odors. 

We placed a Room Shocker in my father-in-law's unused room for ten hours and when we opened the door we were quite literally shocked about how much better the smell was. We have never used a product like this before so we didn’t know how it would work or if it would even work at all. 

It did! 

The Room Shocker was also incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is take the foil packet out of the container it came in, open it and pour warm water over the microfiber cloth full of the chlorine dioxide and walk away. After using the Room Shocker we could actually stand in the room without being overwhelmed by the plug-in freshener’s smell. Try to imagine a plug-in freshener that has been going for weeks on end in a closed bedroom. The smell will choke you and give you a headache. The difference was really quite remarkable. 

We could open the door again without headaches and choking. 

Before trying the Room Shocker my husband and I tried to figure out how we were going to hire a company to deodorize the room because we knew my husband’s Dad planned to start using it again. For the past couple of months it has been quite frustrating because I kept putting off how we could make that room smell better for an affordable price. I also didn’t want to hire a company that uses harsh chemicals to fumigate odors. I did not know where to start. 

The Room Shocker came just in time!

We received two of each odor elimination products (Room and Auto Shockers) and decided to try both Room Shockers in my father-in-law’s old bedroom to make sure the smell was absolutely removed. Both worked beautifully and the room is indeed habitable again. After testing out a ton of products for over a decade as a blogger, the Room Shocker really works. My husband, my father-in-law and I are all impressed.

Both the Room and Auto Shockers guarantee that all odors are removable including pet urine, cigarette smoke, fish, gasoline, vomit, spoiled food and many more odors. Our car doesn’t have any odors that need removing, but there is no doubt in my mind that it would work just as aggressively against odors just as the Room Shocker did. If you smoke in your car or knows someone who does or even someone who carts their pets everywhere with them, the Auto Shocker is something you’ll need on hand. 

Visit for more information.

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