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Networking is very common word in Canada. Specially if you are looking for a job, people who are ready to help you professionally will ask you to grow networking. Which means you must make communication with the people who can give you a good job. In general, this is a very simple and good way to get a job. But is it? Really?

That means you don’t have to make your skill good, no need any other qualification, dedication of your work, honesty. Trust me you really don’t need anything, if you have good networking quality. Just use your big mouth, show little smartness in attitude that’s it. Networking can give you any job you want.

Then what will happen to the company, who is recruiting you? No body cares, if they can’t run, they will stop their work. By this time, you will earn enough and get good experience certificate. Unless you get another job, your insurance will pay you.

No wonder Canada’s economy is behind other 1st world countries.

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