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I am virtually new in the blog world right now and I am finding the new blogsphere really challenging. I started blogging about 2 and 1/2 years ago and took a long break. I recently picked my mom blog back up again and started a new mommy blog as well. In the year that I stopped blogging mom bloggers took it up a notch. It used to be that a couple hundred followers was truly amazing. Now most blogs I find have 500 or more bloggers. Designs have also changed. There used to be a few well designed blogs and some that were amazing. It seems like now every blog I find has had some level of perfessional design. I feel vunerable in this new world of mom blogging. One part of me is excited because if you are good you can really make a name for yourself. The other side of me - the shy side feels very intimidated. I try to remember my feelings when I see new bloggers. I reach out whenever possible. Ultimately we are all here for a reason, to learn and be heard. Happy Blogging.

- Sarah

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