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hi 2016

This year it isn’t a resolution, it’s a REVOLUTION!

A Mom revolution. It’s my time to stop living in limbo and embrace my new body and new life as a Mother. Making sure I take the best care of my family, but remembering to take care of myself along the way. Here are some easy things I plan to do to start the new year. Don’t start your year by saying “I’m going to loose 50 lbs by June.” Those types of dramatic proclamations are destined to fail. Sorry. It’s true.

What I need  to do is implement a few little habit changes in my life. These positive small habits or choices will have a ripple effect into all areas of my life. Taking care of myself will make me be able to take care of my family even better!


Here’s my REVOLUTION LIST 2016:

Give away/donate at clothes that don’t currently fit you. Retire the husband hunting clothes. – I have a couple of boxes of packed up clothes that just have sad faces on them. As I’m typing this, I am now very aware of how loaded that statement is. Haha.Let’s just leave it at.. time to clean the closet out! Even if I do eventually loose all the baby weight, I’m not going to be like, “Oh Thank god I can wear that Express dress that would only be appropriate to wear if I was under 25 and at a New Year’s Eve party!!” Time to CLEAN IT OUT. Start fresh.

Start regular office meetings with the Husband. Have a calendar. Talk about your week ahead. Have clear expectations for each other to try and alleviate passive aggressiveness.

Drink a glass of water first thing ever single morning. Water= body fuel

Give up the guilt. 


Go on the trip to California! Stop talking about it and DO!


Go immediately to your computer. Book a ticket to see your god damn sister. You have two weeks off from work in March. Go to the San Diego zoo, yell at some monkeys. Swim in the pacific. Ride bicycles without shoes on. Jump into a random drum circle at Huntington beach. Go and check out a new Bikram studio. Are you with me?

Aye Aye Captain!

Although technology has it made it possible for our codependent relationship to stay in tack, nothing replaces the real thing. Hanging out with your sister and doing nothing is the best. No boundaries. No topic off limit. No behavior too foul.

People always comment on how close I am with my siblings. How much I actually like them. Haha. I do truly like those dudes! But it’s easy to become very close when you are kids of divorce. Sometimes you have to band together against the common enemy. I mean, me and the Cali nurse did sleep in the same bed for a couple years in high school. Take what you want from that psych 101.

Anyways, you get the point. Love my family. I need go hang out with Mr. & Mrs. LHS and recharge my mom batteries.



Now, now… Depending on how you view life, some of you may be a little ehhh..

You may scoff.. and be like, “Britt your new years revolution is to take yourself on vacation??” Tough life you have! Smirk. Cough. Know it all, judgmental,scrunched up face.

I can remember so clearly my mother saying to my sister and I, “Wow you are so lucky. I never got to go sleep away camp….” In a very Debbie Downer voice.

It’s like.. Bitch please. I walked streets for days selling girl scout cookies. I had to sing to 100 elderly people and have them give me wet lip kisses. I held a tin can while wearing my uniform outside of Walmart. Back before they banned children from guilting people into giving them money with their cuteness. Long story short.

Camp here we come!

So I need to go back to camp. Except camp is an analogy for being an adult and planning myself a much needed vacation. It’s great to be focus on your kids 99% of the time! But you are a person too. I’ve been a full time working mom while having a 2 and a 1 year old at home. They are happy well adjusted man children. I’m very proud of them. I adore them. But I’m not going to lie and say that I couldn’t use a small break. Just have a day where no one puts yogurt in my buttcrack while I do yoga stretches.

I genuinely believe it is what is best for me and my family. Vitamin D, a little exercise, a lot of ocean. I think it will have a ripple effect on my family. That’s how life works

Por Ejemplo:

I spend 5 days in California visiting my sister therefore…

I come home happier.

I am nicer and more patient with my children. They are nicer to their friends. They make their day care lady’s life easier by being good boys. The day care lady therefore has more energy for her own kids at the end of the day. Her kids are happier….ect.

I am kinder and have more energy for my husband. I am grateful for all the he has done for me. I make him lunch for work to show him how I love him so. He is nicer to his employees. He is more productive at work knowing that everything is good at home. He makes a lot more money for his boss. He gets a Christmas bonus. That pays for Christmas for us. You get to give your kids a magical mother f ing Christmas. They are happy. They are nicer to their friends. They are kinder human beings. That benefits every one.

I feel well rested and full of creative ideas for work. New clubs you want to run. New posters you want to make. You have broken up the week after week grind. The get stuck in a rut type business that you aren’t even sure how it happened.

Being new and fresh and ready for the challenges of working in social services is beneficial to every one. The students get my best foot forward. So they are happier. My co workers have an easier day. They in turn have more energy for their families when they get home from work. Their kids are happy. Onward and forward FOR-EV-ER…



Sometimes you need fresh eyes. A LOT of vitamin D. Salt water. Music. Good conversation & maybe a crowne and diet coke, like a boss. Well maybe that’s just me. You would have to cultivate your own list of what relaxes you.

Finally, Don’t you start saying, “Must be nice! Oh I can’t afford a vacation.” That’s silly bear nonsense. You could give up drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee for a while and save enough money to go on a trip. People spend money on what they want to spend money on. Mic drop.


That’s the New Year’s REVOLUTION:

Take care of yourself every once in a while, so you can better take care of others.





What’s your REVOLUTION?

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