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As far as I have seen, general people all over the world are nice. When people say small nice words, that made your day. Sometimes you know that those are not 100% true, just said to make you feel better. But still, it works.

I was looking for a t-shirt. The ail where I was standing was for XL size body. An elderly woman came and told me, “I think you are looking for your dress in wrong ail, you should go to medium size ail.” No doubt, she had made my day.

I was traveling on the bus. A guy came to me and said, “You must be going to the college for study, young lady”. Yes, that made me feel good too.

A guy told me, “Oh you are from Bangladesh, I have met other Bangladeshi girls too, you all are very beautiful”, I knew very well, he said that just to make me feel good. And it worked.

So, I believe whenever you talk, use nice words. You never how your simple effort can bring smile to other’s face.

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