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If today were three months ago, I would have said “I’m so happy to find so many moms just like me.”

Today…today I can’t say that, because it saddens me. Two weeks ago I wrote a post about the big blogger butt blues.

I won’t lie, I’m happy that so many commented, but I’ve got to tell you, at the same time, reading through the comments, breaks my heart.

So many women, dwelling in the land I lived for 4 years. A land that where everyone but me came first.

Is this the life you’re living?

  • From work to home to take care of said home and family?
  • Work from home throughout the day while alternating taking care of family?
  • You’re always meaning to find time to work out.
  • You go so far as to sign up for a gym membership but stop going after a few visits because arranging life around it is just too difficult.
  • You search out healthy recipes and try to make time to cook them instead of lying on old reliable.
  • You miss meals because you’re too busy to eat and end up stuffing yourself when you do get to eat or make unhealthy choices because it’s easier, quicker.
  • Do you end up cheating on your diet and then giving up to start the next week? Then again?
  • And then feel guilty?
  • And Then feel depressed?

Have you tried these:

  • Atkins”the-make-you-cheat diet cause you’re craving a sandwich”.
  • Alli “the-make-you-cheat diet cause you’re craving a sandwich and then makes you poop in public places”.
  • Workout for 20-minutes-a-day and lose crazy weight in weeks home equipment and videos that just depress you when you’re not losing?

Before I go on, let me bitch about these “lose weight in 20 minutes a day in 6 weeks” BS that I’ve bought from resistance bands to home gyms to x90 videos.

Lose how much weight in 20 minutes a day? Based on what calculations? Can a 200lb 35 year old lose as much weight as a 200 25lb 20 year old from 20 minute daily work outs? Do these gimmicks calculate in any and all illnesses? And how fast do I really need to go? How hard do I really need to work in those 20 minutes to see the difference in 6 week?

I can not tell you how bloody depressing it is to invest all that money to only drop two pounds. It's not that the programs don't work. But as all the disclaimers say, result will vary. The problem with these programs for me was it didn't work for me. It wasn't tailored for ME.

Three months ago I joined Retrofit. I have a tailored plan that my virtual coaches help me change as needed to suit my life and schedule and up + downs. I've been blogging my experience and it can be found here.
I've gone from 200 lbs to 182 in 12 weeks. And I didn't even feel as if I were making changes. But changes happened. And I want each and everyone of you to know:


And I'm very happy to share that Retrofit has given me the opportunity to give away a free one year scholarship membership. It's easy entry and you can read about it here.

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